PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer

I’ve never given importance to makeup setting sprays. I’ve always felt it as an extra added inessential for someone on a budget. But as I get through so many new things and techniques in makeup every day, I really felt it’s time to know about and start my journey with the makeup setting sprays. I’ve had the Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist, which was an okay product and most of which I mainly used to fix my broken compacts and highlighters than on my face. So this time I thought I should be investing in some quality product that wouldn’t make me regret. Right then I had a visit to the PAC Store in Hyderabad, where I saw the new PAC Cosmetics Micro Finish Makeup Fixer. PAC did have a setting spray before, with that black square bottle packaging, which I guess is discontinued and now we’ve only this one. So, I immediately put it in my basket and checked out. And here I am, sharing my views about this new Makeup Fixer. 

Set and unlock your makeup with the herbal and floral extracts in the Micro Finish Makeup Fixer by PAC. The micro-spray uses Aerospray technology which eliminates blotchy watermarks leaving a flawless effect. Furthermore the beneficial vitamins infused in this fixer keep your skin protected and makeup long lasting.

  • Makeup lasts long
  • Helps make the makeup look flawless
  • Keeps skin protected
  • Enriched with beneficial vitamins

PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer 2

PRICE : INR 850/- for a 120ml product.

AVAILABILITY : PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer is available at all PAC stores, and online at Nykaa and Amazon.

HOW TO USE : Shake  well before each application. Close your eyes and spray on your face, keeping it a feet away from the face. Tap your face gently.

PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer 1

The PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer comes in a matte white metal bottle. It is definitely not a regular plasticy bottle kinda packaging, it’s mostly that hairspray kinda sturdy metal bottle with a spray nozzle. All the details are mentioned at the back of the bottle along with the price and the list of ingredients. I absolutely adore the spray mechanism, it is similar to the foggers(very micro droplets) just touching the skin and melt right away. The bottle is quite big and has enough quantity that would last for a long time. I wish there was a mini version of this bottle – for people like me who could just throw one in their daily handbag and worry not about setting the makeup.

PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer 3

This makeup fixer dispenses in micro droplets which is the best thing that I loved. It is packed with goodness of Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint leaf waters and a lot of other herbal extracts which soothe and calm the skin, and does not cause any irritations. And with such a herbal extracts concoction, this spray mildly has that herbal-ey kind of fragrance which faints away in few minutes.

PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer 4

How do I use? Just as directed, keeping a feet away from my face I spritz it all over my face lightly. I don’t want to go overboard with the spray as I’m a combination skin type girlie. I fan it for a couple of seconds and dab in the rest with my beauty blender, which ensures a flawless finish. It is best to use the spray before applying the mascara, for a mess free finish. It sets to a natural finish, just like our skin. Nothing like a matte or any dewy finish.

Although it is named as a Makeup Fixer, I like the way it acts both like the setting  spray as well as the fixing spray. FYI – Setting spray is something that blends/emulsifies the layers of primer and makeup on your skin to make your look more seamless, and holds everything together so your makeup doesn’t melt. Whereas, Fixing spray is something that helps your makeup last longer. Both setting spray nad fixing sprays are supposed to be used as the final step of your makeup. This PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer is nothing miraculous, but does a great job in setting the makeup and making it last for the whole day.

Overall, I totally love this PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer. It definitely increases the longevity of the makeup and keeps the makeup in place without smudging or smearing throughout the day. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone. If you’re a makeup enthusiast like me, and would like to have something under budget, then this is the one. I’m sure it will go good on every skin.

Did you try the PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer?? Which  is your favorite makeup fixer or  makeup setting spray? Lemme know……..


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