This indie brand has always surprised me with its super crazy launches and I always love their products. Their Liquid highlighters are my holygrail and I cannot do my makeup base without it. After its glittery impact, TS Cosmetics has recently launched its new VELVETY EYSHADOWS and named the entire range as THE UNIVERSE COLLECTION. My sweetest bae and the founder of TS Cosmetics, Tabassum Saher, sent out 8 of the shades from the whole collection to try and review them, and in this post I’ll be doing the same.


PRICE : INR 210/- for a 2g product.

AVAILABILITY : You can place your orders for the eyeshadows @ts__cosmetics or their official website.


Packaging, the TS Cosmetics Velvety Eyeshadows come housed in really pretty boxes with the galaxy theme around and with gold lettering. The boxes have got all the description about the product printed on it except for the shade name. Good that they’ve the ingredients list mentioned. That’s actually mentioned on the eyeshadow itself. The eyeshadows come in a petite round plastic tub kinda with a see-through lid. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the shadow. Unless or until you’re an ardent fan of these or get used the shades, you’ll always find it difficult each time turning back for the shade name. By now, for me personally, I’m okay with recognizing the shades without even flipping for names. These are travel-friendly if you wanna carry them as singles, but if you’re to carry a bunch of shades then it’s probably best to de-pot them and arrange them in your custom palette and travel.



Shades I have –

  • MERCURY : a beautiful brown-green duochrome shade. I love that shift.
  • STARS : a pale satiny lilacy-pink-blue duochrome shade. Probably not that pigmented compared to other shades.
  • COMETS : a medium black-gold kinda shimmery shade. This is quite a glittery one, and that black is okay-ly pigmented. Or probably that mix of black and gold gives an illusion of an olive green color. (Do I make any sense? I’m worst at describing shades lol)
  • SUN : a beautiful yellow gold satiny shade.
  • METEORS : a popping pink shade, in a satin finish.
  • SATELLITE : a true gold-brown duochrome shade.
  • URANUS : (uh how do I explain this green?!) a gorgeous kale green shade.
  • SATURN : a chocolatey brown duochrome shade with light hint of green in it.


These Velvety Eyeshadows are a mix of satin and duo-chrome shadows. The shadows give a badass pigmention in just one swipe (except for one shade). And they have the smoothest and creamiest texture and formula ever. When I first dipped my fingers into the shadow..OMG! these just felt like so much of a dupe for the Colourpop Super Shock shadows. It just feels like butter when you run your fingers on the shadow. These Velvety shadows have a satiny finish with least transfer and smudging. Blending these eyeshadows is simple and easy. And oh, these shadows do have a sweet vanilla fragrance to them.

I absolutely love the beautiful shift that these duo-chrome eyeshadows give. These shadows do apply greatly with fingers. Brushes don’t seem to pick the product that well, so I personally prefer using fingers. And they go well on bare eyelids and on top of the any/matte eyeshadows so well. I did try both ways and I absolutely love them. Whenever I travel, and I feel to wear any eyeshadow these would be my pick to simply apply with my fingers and slay all day! They do stay on for long. I wore for a good 5 hour period, and it lasted great. But yeah probably it will long even more.

Meteor and Sun shades just have my heart. Although not any duo-chrome, they’re just so bright and popping.

Here’s the swatches of the shades –

And now, these eyeshadows do transfer a tiny bit and do smudge. Smudging would not be a problem with these, you know you don’t need to blend out the harsh edges or worry about it – it automatically does with the movement of the eyes. If you have hooded eyes, then these eyeshadows will badly transfer onto your hood and ruin everything. Rather I’d suggest you use these on the waterline and smoke it out for some really cool look – playing with these shadows is totally your decision though.

Here’s a look I created using the shade Meteor, Oh! that’s such a beautiful popping satiny fuchsia pink kinda shade.

Overall, such awesome creamy, highly pigmented duochrome eyeshadows for such great deal! I’m totally impressed and I’d definitely suggest you try at least a shade to know what I’m talking about. And recent update – TS Cosmetics is still extending this Velvety Eyeshadow collection and launching more shades. Keep an eye on @ts__cosmetics to know more…

Did you try these new Velvety Eyeshadows by TS Cosmetics?? Which is your fav shades? Lemme know…….

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