Sheetmasks have crazily become popular all over the world now. Sheetmasking is a simple alternative to your messy masking things. Now that almost every brand is coming up with their own sheet masks, Garnier has also amped up their skincare game with these new sheet masks. When these were launched in India, I quickly grabbed these from Nykaa, from where they’re available then. So, here’s what I think about these Garnier Skin Naturals Serum sheet masks. I thought I’ll review all the three masks at a time, rather doing them separately. Here we go…

A new generation of tissue mask that helps reduce dark spots. It intensely rehydrates the skin, giving you fresher, cleaner, and brighter skin. Inspired by Asia, the tissue mask diffuses the equivalent level of hydrating serum as per 1 week’s use of day care. Truly innovative, its ultra-thin tissue is infused with a super-hydrating serum. Unmask smoother, bouncier, healthier looking skin in just 15 minutes. Applied to the face, it acts like a hydration wrap that continuously diffuses all the effectiveness of the serum intensely hydrating your skin. Its amazing freshness quenches and comforts skin instantly, for a pure moment of absolute pampering.

PRICE : INR 99/- for a single sheetmask of 32g. Or a combo of all the three masks is available at INR 297/-

AVAILABILITY : These Garnier Skin Naturals Serum masks are available at Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc., and these can be found at any local beauty stores.

Packaging, these Garnier sheet masks come in a sleek packets. They are very travel-friendly, can be carried around anywhere to quickly mask your way. These sheet masks come drenched in a ton of essence. Each sheet mask comes with a blue protective layer, which is supposed to be pulled off after setting the mask onto the face properly. These tissue masks in fact do not fit properly on my face. The cuts are quite small which don’t fit the face correctly. These masks do have a feel very relaxing and soothing fragrance to them, nothing too over powering though.

How to Use:
1. Unfold the mask. Carefully apply the white tissue to thoroughly cleansed skin. Make sure the blue protective film is facing outwards. Smooth the mask gently to ensure contact with the skin.
2. Remove the protective film.
3. Adjust the mask contours on the face. Leave for 15 minutes.
4. To remove the mask, peel off slowly from the edges. Gently massage in any excess serum, or use a cotton pad to remove.


  • Hydra Bomb – For dehydrated skin
  • What It Does? – Intensely rehydrated, replump skin and replenish moisture
  • After 15 mins : Skin intensely rehydrated, skin looks smoother,complexion more radiant.

Pomegranate helps to regenerate skin cells, protect collagen, guards against UV rays and prevents sun damage. It also contains antioxidant and helps with anti-aging.

My Experience : True to its claims, this mask literally is a hydra-bomb! After the specified time of masking, my face feels so much refreshed, intensely moisturized and plump. This mask is great for dry skin people, or in fact I love using it in cold weathers when I have super dry skin. The mask feels so cooling and calming on the face. My skin drinks up the serum from the mask completely and nourishes my skin, making it baby soft and smooth, and gives a luminous glow. I use sheet masks generally in my evening, or night routine just to make sure I give them ample amount of time to show up results by the next morning. And also, being night times I really wouldn’t care for that tackiness that’s left behind by the mask. But if you’re using this in the day time, and want to get ready for any occassion/event I’d suggest you to mask only if you don’t mind in that tacky after-math feel. Oily skin people will definitely not like this feel. I’d recommend this mask for dry skin beauties.


  • Light Complete – For dull & lack of glow skin
  • What It Does? – Intensely rehydrated, reduces dullness and fades dark spots
  • After 15 mins : Skin intensely rehydrated, looks visibly brighter, complexion is smoother

Lemon Extracts are rich in citric acid and vitamin C that helps to promotes healthy, glowing skin.

My Experience : Despite quenching the moisture thirst, this mask also brightens up the skin. Knowing that Vitamin C and citric extracts promote in healthy glowing skin, this mask exactly does the job. The mask fits good on to the skin and does not irritate the skin at all. My skin really felt the fresh radiant glow after I left this mask on for a good 20 minutes. The mask is very refreshing and brings life to dull dehydrated skin. Having only one sheet mask with me, I could mask only once with this and the immediate result noticeable is a healthy, lively fresh skin. And also commenting on lightening the dark spots and blemishes is not fair with just a single use. I’m not a fan of the Light Complete creams and stuff, but now for the first time this mask has my heart on. I might stock on this one for the coming hot summers.


  • Sakura White – For dull & tired skin
  • What It Does? – Intensely rehydrated, restore pinkish glow and smoothen skin
  • After 15 mins : Skin intensely rehydrated, pinkish glow restored, complexion is smoother

Japanese Sakura flowers are rich in antioxidants and contains soothing properties. In addition, Sakura flower essential acids that can help repair damage from natural cells and lead to more skin radiance.

My Experience : This mask was kind of similar to the Light Complete mask. With Japanese Sakura flower extracts and goodness of Hyaluronic acid, this mask hydrates and nourishes the skin, and makes it smooth and supple. My skin is used to the different Hyaluronic acid serums by now, and I feel this mask has the same effect as any other serum. After peeling off the mask, this one felt much sticky than the rest two sheet masks but then after a couple of minutes my skin feels tight and firm, with no tacky feeling. I generally let the sheet mask on for about 30mins, and trust me you’ll have the best time sheet masking. And in that way you’ll sheet mask right – I mean you’re gonna use that single mask in a proper way, letting all the serum sink in to your skin. Hyaluronic acid, being the best skin friendly ingredient to dry skin people, this mask is definitely recommended to dry skin beauties.

Okay! Now that we’ve talked about the masks in detail, let’s look closely at one claim that these sheet masks promise – the ‘1 MASK = 1 WEEK OF SERUM’ thing. I don’t get why did Garnier even said that, these masks have their effect only till you/I wash the face, and then it’s gone. No mask has its effect all the week.

Overall, these serum masks are totally worth if you’ve dull dehydrated and lack luster skin. Nothing miracle happens with sheet masking, but if you are a sheet mask addict like me, then these would be great to try out.

Did you try these Garnier Skin Naturals Serum Masks?? Which variant is your favorite?

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