I basically look for ingredient-based masks rather than the go with the claims. Super ingredients are what matter me a lot when I choose my skincare product. And since my TBS Japanese Matcha Green tea mask has just got finished, I thought I should look out for something new. Japanese Matcha Green tea being a superfood, both when taken internally and for topical uses, I thought I’d try this face mask by Jeva skincare brand.

Jeva’s Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack with Argan Oil is a creamy and delightfully fragranced mask made from natural oil-absorbent clays that rejuvenates and revitalises your skin.Enriched with the goodness of Japanese Green Tea and Argan Oil, this instantly nourishing face mask spreads easily and leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Loaded with hand-picked ingredients, this natural ingredient mask fights acne, removes excess oil from the skin surface and keeps it soft, supple and glowing. Antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea and the moisturizing benefits of Argan Oil blend together to give skin a healthy and radiant boost along with retaining skin’s natural moisture. The face pack’s soft and creamy formula is non-drying on skin, is easy to use and wash off. It removes pollutants and impurities from deep within and reveals radiant, younger-looking skin. A must-have product for all skin types.

  • Instant brightening and moisturizing face mask
  • Deeply cleanses skin and keeps it refreshed and smooth
  • Fights acne and removes excess oil
  • Removes impurities and pollutants
  • Promotes a healthy and radiant glow
  • Soft, creamy and non-drying formula that is easy to wash off
  • Enriched with Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Argan Oil
  • Suitable for all skin types

PRICE : INR 449/- for a 100g product. There’s always a sale on these Jeva products on Nykaa, so you can definitely check them out.

AVAILABILITY : This face pack is available at Nykaa, Amazon.


  • Apply the pack to the face and neck avoiding contact with eyes.
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes for it to dry.
  • Rinse with warm water and feel the difference

Packaging, this face mask comes in a clear plastic jar with a black screw cap. Quite a simple and convenient packaging, and yeah good for travelling with it too. It does come with a outer carton box, which has all the details about the face mask, and ingredients list as well. This mask does not include any spatula or applicator, but it does have a protective seal for the mask to not spill out. I really wish every face mask do provide their own spatula/applicator, so we don’t need to bother about being unhygienic and dip our fingers into it for application purpose. I use my masking brush to apply the mask.

The Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack with Argan Oil is a light minty green colored cream based mask. I am assuming the mint green color is occurred naturally from the ingredients, and not artificially. The creamy texture of the mask makes the application easy, very comfortable on the skin and easy to wash it off as well. It does have a mild citrusy mixed with earthy clay fragrance to it. This mask is made from natural oil-absorbent Clays, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Argan Oil. The Kaolin light, China clay (also known as Kaolin clay; correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t get the point why did they mention both names) and Green clay help draw out the dirt and impurities out of the pores, while the Argan oil and Vitamin E oils nourishes and moisturizes the skin without drying from the clays. Matcha extract being an anti-oxidant to the skin, it eliminates toxins, reduces puffiness and soothes the skin.

How did it work on me? While the hot climates just around the corner, it is that good time to start using clay masks as my skin turns oily, and more dust prone during this time. I apply the mask all over my cleansed face with a brush, and let it sit for a good 20 minutes while I relax and sip my Charcoal Matcha Tea. The mask does not irritate the skin at all, no tingling sensation also, so l think sensitive skin people can happily mask. Post washing the mask off, my skin feels really hydrated with a fresh healthy glow. It does remove all the dirt and oil from the skin and made it look fresh, soft and smooth. Even with a mix of three kinds of clay, this mask did not dry out my skin which l absolutely love. I’m sure dry skin people will also love this mask. This mask best suits oily-combination skin. Although miracles do not happen with just twice or thrice even; being consistent with a product truly brings out the best and the same with this mask.

Overall, the Jeva Japanese Matcha Green Tea Face Pack does cater all skin types cleaning out the impurities and oil absorbing properties without drying the skin. Being on the budget side, this mask is great for people who are on the go, who needs a quick skin pamper from the daily pollution hassles. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone.


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