Swiss Beauty is probably my recent discoveries, which I found brings out dupes for the high-end products with great quality and affordability. Most of the people really wish to buy every product that they see in the market, but the tags really make us put them aside. There are a lot of quality brands which bring us the convenience to feel the luxury product in their duped version. Swiss Beauty Cosmetics is one such brand. A perfect beauty destination for all makeup lovers with constantly innovating products of top quality, exclusively being imported from Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Germany, Swiss Beauty is one of the world’s fastest growing beauty brand with a strong geographical footprint which inspires woman to stay unique and classy.

Create stunning eye looks that perfectly enhance any style with the Swiss Beauty Liquid Eyeshadow. Daring and adventurous, this metallic liquid eyeshadow features a buildable formula that lets you create both subtle and dramatic eye makeup looks. Whether you want to add just a hint of sparkle at the lash line or layer color over the lid, the slim, precise brush does it all. For all-over sparkle, lay the color down quickly and blend it out and emphasize your makeup to the next level.

  • Highly pigmented metallic liquid eyeshadow
  • Gives your eyes a radiant shimmer finish
  • Delivers rich, metallic pigment in just one swipe
  • Long lasting and transfer proof
  • Dermatologically tested

PRICE : INR 199/- if bought individually. Whereas, these also come in a set which retails about 1350/- (I’m not sure if it’s correct or not, because no website mentions the exact price).

AVAILABILITY : These liquid eyeshadows are available on Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Cuffsnlashes, Fashionstorm. Yeah on some websites it is sold out.

I got mine from Amazon for about 670 rupees, during some random offer time. I indeed choose the entire set, but to my sadness the Amazon actually removed the outer carton box and just sent me the individual tubes. In that case, why would I even choose this complete set? Ugh!

The set contains all the 6 shades of the liquid eye shadows.

  • 01 Golden Goddess
  • 02 Diamond Dust
  • 03 Champagne
  • 04 Smoky Storm
  • 05 Rose Gold Retro
  • 06 Molten Midnight

Packaging, if you’ve known the Stila Liquid Eyeshadows, these guys are pretty much exactly the same. These liquid eye shadow come in a cute little square tube bottle with a rose gold screw cap and a see-through body. Very pretty to see and keep in my stash though and also very travel-friendly. It has a doe-foot applicator which is convenient for application, or you can opt for a brush according to your makeup demand. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the tube, but I’m little disappointed to see no ingredients list given anywhere – not on the product, not on website, not on Amazon, not anywhere.

The eyeshadows have a beautiful pigments, not gonna lie. Omg! they’re just so gorgeous and it was just a love at first swatch kinda moment when I happened to swatch these for the first time. Amazing pigmentation in just one swipe, and when they dry up they go totally smudge-proof and transferproof. The formula, I’d describe as they’ve got their individual base shade with silver foils in them. Because every shade does have silver so prominent in the, except for the first (Golden Goddess) shade which is a pure golden foiled shade kinda.

How it performed on the eyes? : These eyeshadows go well on bare eyes – Swipe some shadow, Dab it with fingers and you’re ready for a glitzy day look. They go smooth over the powder eyeshadows or the concealer as well when you cut crease. Just going with a single layer would do justice to your eye look. Layering these liquid eye shadows would just make them crack and fall off, and if you’ve hooded eyes this would just worsen. I’ve hooded eyes, and I did try layering when I first tried these out and I completely ruined my look. I had to wipe off everything, and start over again. So, do not overly layer these. With just a neat single coat of this liquid eye shadow you’re good to go for the entire day, and that too smudgeproof and transferproof. These are water-resistant to some extent, but they are not waterproof at all. These do get easily washed off using just water. On my eyes, they did stay for pretty long time, about 6 hours and more. These would be great for the festive seasons, and night parties for that extra bling.

Here’s a look I created using the liquid eye shadow Diamond Dust.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the shades, pigmentation and performance to some extent of these Swiss Beauty Liquid Eye shadows. I wish there were more shades from the brand. For people like me, who cannot afford the high end liquid eyeshadows like the Stila ones, you better gotta try these. I haven’t tried any of the Stila brand’s, so I really cannot compare these two. But I feel these a little better compared to the Nicka K Radiant Liquid eyeshadows, in terms of pigmentation.

Did you try these Swiss Beauty Liquid Eye shadows?? Which is your favorite shade?

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