Any product that claims to brighten the skin, I’m definitely attracted to it, coz after all we all crave for that bright beautiful skin. This expensive serum from The Body Shop was one of them. I mean it, when I said it’s expensive – it is hell expensive! I really wish The Body Shop give out affordable range of products because their products are absolutely amazing. I mean I have to literally save up to buy TBS skincare. Anyway, in this post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on The Body Shop Drops Of Light Brightening Serum which I’ve finished using my bottle.

A very lightweight serum that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it velvety soft and shine free. Clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots.

  • Clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots.
  • Lightweight texture, that quickly absorbs into the skin.
  • Leaves skin plumped with moisture.
  • Instantly skin looks brighter and more luminous.
  • With regular use, skin appears smoother, more healthy and translucent
  • Perfect for day and night

PRICE : INR 2245/-for a 30ml product.

AVAILABILITY : You can find this serum at all TBS outlets, and also online at Nykaa and thebodyshop website.


HOW TO USE : Apply 2 to 3 drops onto the face and neck and gently massage into skin every morning and evening before applying a cream.

Packaging, the Drops of Light Brightening Serum comes in a pretty white glass dropper bottle housed in a white carton box. The outer box has got every detail about the product on it along with the list of ingredients and all. The serum comes in a sturdy beautiful glass bottle which has a dropper applicator for easy and convenient application. It is quite comfortable to carry it while travelling, but it’s always suggestible to not carry glass bottles even though they look very sturdy and unbreakable. I’m quite impressed with the packaging.

The serum has a clear water-like runny formula. It is very very lightweight on the skin and super quickly gets absorbed into the skin. This serum has a pleasant floral fragrance which lingers quite for some time after the application. With no greasy feeling, this serum does suit oily skinned people as well. While extremely dry skin people will find it not that greatly hydrating although being light on the skin. They’ll need extra step of heavy moisturizer to top up the hydration game. I use this serum in my morning as well as night time skincare routine. Post application, it leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth. This serum did a good job of hydrating the skin well and preps skin for next steps.

For the claims it said, surprisingly it does brighten the skin. This serum does contain some Vitamin C derivatives which help boost the skin radiance. Not in an instant, but it takes time to see the visible change in the skin tone. I do not have much blemishes or dark spots on my face to really notice them get light with use. So, I really cannot talk about it. The oils infused in it definitely provides some amount of moisturization to the skin. And with the least proportion of Salicylic Acid in the serum, I don’t see much effective on acne. So this serum doesn’t do anything for acne skin.

Overall, impressed that this serum did work on my skin. I know, for the budget issues, it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re someone who’s looking for good brightening serums from The Body Shop, then I’d recommend this one. Definitely a oily, combination skin friendly. Dry skin people will need to top up their moisturizing game.

Did you try The Body Shop Drops Of Light Brightening Serum??

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  1. I can remember a time when TBS was reasonable priced…. I think itโ€™s might be because they have expanded their ranges and are competing with other companies.

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