I had these lippies for quite some time now, even though Lakme launched these Luxe Matte Lip Color lipsticks a year back. The Lakme Absolute Argan Oil range has a wide range of serum, night cream, foundation, eye liners and lipsticks. I’ve the Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation, which I’m quite impressed with. I know I’m late to give out my review on these lipsticks, but let’s not waste more time and jump straight into it.

Lakme Absolute brings you the miracle beauty ingredient Moroccan Argan Oil, now in a luxurious matte slimstick called the Lakme Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color with Argan Oil. The luxurious silky formula of the Lakme Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color with Argan Oil nourishes lips, while delivering rich and intense color. Lakme presents the first ever lipstick infused with the miracle beauty ingredient Moroccan Argan oil for rich color with a smooth finish.

  • Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Intense color payoff in a matte finish
  • Luxurious formula for a smooth, silky finish
  • Available in 15 shades and 3 exclusive shades for Nykaa
  • Dual benefit of color and nourishment
  • Rich color nourished with care

PRICE : INR 800\- for a 2g product.

AVAILABILITY : These Lakme Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color with Argan Oil are available at all the Lakme outlets, and also online at Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc..


  • Start in the middle of your upper lip and glide the lipstick along the contours of your mouth.
  • Repeat the same for the lower lip.

Pro Tip :

  • Start with a fine lip brush to carefully draw the outline of the lips, making sure to get the corners of the mouth.
  • Then use it to fill in the middle for a deeper, more precise.

Packaging, these lipsticks are for sure luxe! They have this beautiful long gold body with little black fonts going on. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker at the bottom of the lipstick. These do come with a black colored outer carton box which has all about the product on it. The lipsticks are quite sleek and convenient to carry them in our handbags, and they do close shut securely without any mess.

The Lakme Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color with Argan Oil comes in a whooping 15 shades, for which I was happy about but I found most of them being from the red and pink family. I hope Lakme worked on bringing a diverse shade range. I could just pick 2 shades from the entire collection.

  • MAUVENESS is a pretty warm toned rose mauve shade.
  • SMOOTH MARSALA is a beautiful marsala(maroon) shade.

Both the shades suit all skin tones, fair skin tones will pull off these shades easily and for deeper skin tones these will be great MLBB kinda shades.

Initially when I swatched the shades, they had a smooth formula with great pigmentation. I was shocked, coz frankly I’m not a fan of Lakme lipsticks at all, except for the 9-to-5 Primer + Matte lipsticks. I rarely have few in my stash. Thank god I picked deeper shades, coz I did find the peachy and orange shades be quite patchy even while swatching them.

Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, these lipsticks have a soft smooth formula and they do feel quite moisturizing on the lips. But that’s only for the initial 2 hours, after which I feel they do get a bit dry. These lipsticks do have a great pigmentation, one to two coats is enough to get a full coverage. These are not completely transferproof, they do transfer a little while snacking but there’s still the color there on the lips. In case you’re snacking something oily, then the lipstick does fade off completely. I had the shade Mauveness on my lips for a good 5 hour without any meal, hence stayed intact. Once I started eating it started to come off and I had to reapply it.

Overall, the Lakme Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color are okay kind of lipsticks for me. I think Lakme invests much on packaging rather than their formula. For 800 bucks just getting 2g of lipstick is quite disappointing. But if you’re someone who’s ready to try new lipsticks or infact a Lakme lover then I’d say get them.

Did you try these Lakme Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color with Argan Oil?? Which is your favorite shade? Lemme know…………

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