Do you ever wished to have a customized makeup specially made for your skin concerns? Well, Innisfree has a answer for that. Innisfree has launched the ‘My Foundation‘ foundations with 3 moisture levels, 3 coverage levels and 10 beautiful shades. A whooping 60 unique foundation options. Finding the one that fits your needs is now a breeze. Kick back the moisture and opt for higher coverage to give yourself a matte, long-lasting evening look. Or level up on moisture and opt for lighter coverage for a weekend brunch date with your loved ones. The possibilities are close to endless! 

The right level of moisture, coverage and shade for your skin. Choose among the ton of formulas designed depending on the Moisture level, Coverage level and Shade level to find the optimum skin fit for your skin.

I always have no hope in finding my shade in Korean makeup, but to my surprise I actually found a match in this My Foundation range. And I was so tempted by the Moisture level game, Matte and Glow are so calling me out. Innisfree has recently opened a store in Hyderabad, Inorbit Mall which I happened to visit and I nearly spent so much time at this My Foundation counter to actually know what’s the hype about these. Although I didn’t get any for myself now, I thought I’ll make a post on this so it’ll be helpful to you guys.

Here’s the Innisfree Hyderabad store view,

How to choose your My Foundation shade :

My Foundation range allows you to pick your foundation finish as per your preference, coverage level according your mood and then pick your desired shade based on your skin tone with different undertones- C, N and W indicating Cool, Neutral and Warm toned shades.

Which Moisture Level is for you :

  • MATTE – If you have oily skin, you might want to go for that velvety matte look
  • SEMI MATTE – For dry or normal skin, a satin semi-matte may balance your dry skin out
  • GLOW – If you want that delightfully dewy-complexion, glow should be your pick. It gives a true luminous, dewy radiant look.

Which Coverage Level is for you :

  • NATURAL – for a daily wear, breathe-able look. Gives a light-medium very natural coverage.
  • HIGH – for a even toned look. Gives a medium-high build-able coverage.
  • FULL – for a glam doll look, to cover all your blemishes/spots/hyper-pigmentation etc. Gives a full high coverage.

Which Shade is for you :

  • For the first time, this foundation comes in a wide range of 10 shades
  • Catering all undertones – Cool, Neutral and Warm toned skins

And voila! You’ve got your custom made foundation for yourself.

As said earlier, I haven’t picked the foundation yet but here’s my choice of foundation

โ€ข Foundation 1
1. Moisture level – Glow (i.e 3)
2. Coverage – High (i.e 3) medium buildable. So Imma look for 3.3 bottles.
3. Shade – W35 is a perfect match for this summers (since I’m tanned), and W33 for winters. W33 has a bit of orange undertones, and W35 is pretty neutral undertoned.

I have 2 foundations in my wishlist for now. I’m way intrigued by this whole concept of foundation game, so….

โ€ข Foundation 2
1. Moisture level – Matte (i.e 1)
2. Coverage – High (i.e 3) medium buildable. So Imma look out for 1.3 bottles.
3. Shade – W35 is a perfect match for this summers (since I’m tanned), and W33 for the winters.

For people with NC40-45 skin tones, shades from N23 to W37 will be your respective shades. These foundations don’t come with an SPF. And I’m assuming these do not oxidize much.

The My To-Go Cushion Foundation has pretty much the same formula but in an easy-to-carry cushion case. The whole moisture level, coverage and shades are everything same.


  • My Foundation – Rs.1550/-
  • My To-Go Cushion Foundation – Rs.1950/-
  • My To-Go Cushion Foundation Refill – Rs.1300/-

Did you try the new Innisfree My Foundation? Which shade are you in?? Lemme know……….

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