Peel your way to a beautiful skin! PAC Cosmetics has recently launched the Deep Exfoliating Peel Off, which is a peeling solution that gently exfoliates skin for a brighter you! PAC Cosmetics has Skincare range specially made for pre-makeup purposes or either way(just use it in your skincare regime). I totally loved their Moisture Lotion, which my skin loved in the freezing winters, and now this one. I have been using this Exfoliating Peel Off for quite some time now and I totally love it. Here’s what I think about this natural exfoliating peel off.

An exfoliator with a natural lemon enzyme, this scrub softly removes dead skin cells and minimizes irritation. A calming exfoliating formula that is non-irritating, this brightening formula diminishes dark spots and helps to counteract congestion โ€“ unclogging pores to reduce the likelihood of blemishes and breakouts โ€“ while simultaneously stimulating sluggish skin cells to accelerate turnover. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Brightens the skin and helps reduce dark spots.
  • Unclogs the pores and reduces blemishes and breakouts.
  • Exfoliates and Removes dead skin cells.

PRICE : INR 725/- for a 130ml product.

Buy the PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off HERE

HOW TO USE : After washing and drying your face, apply it on the entire face, avoiding eye and mouth area. Massage for 30 seconds and wash off when the dead skin cells come off.

Packaging, the PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off comes in a pretty cute tube with a flip open cap. Totally love the Lemon theme on the tube. It also comes with a outer carton box, which has everything about the product on it. Very travel-friendly and sturdy packaging.


Who’s reading all the ingredients (like me)? And wow this is what I love! Looking at the bunch of fruit extracts and seed extracts in this, it’s always a pleasure to see more of nature ingredients and quite less chemicals.

This peel off is more of a thick gel consistency and has a good citrus-y fragrance to it. The peel is meant to be used after your regular cleanser, and applied on to clean, dry skin and massage for a good 30secs to a minute, gently scrubbing the dead skin cells and dry patches away. In less than a minute it leaves the skin squeaky clean and instantly bright. It does not dry out the skin, which is a total yay from this, in fact my skin felt so smooth and supple after the rinse.

I have been using this ever since PAC has sent me this, and I am really enjoying using this product because this works instantly. I use it 2-3 times a week and it removes all the dead skin cells, impurities, dirt and grime from the skin in an instant. Itโ€™s very efficient and quick formula makes this product an easy fix. There’s definitely a noticeable improvement in the skin texture.

Bottomline, if you’re not a fan of those abrasive scrubs, then such gentle exfoliating peels should be your choice. Being very mild on the skin they exactly do the same job as a scrub, peeling the dead skin cell, dirt and impurities off the skin leaving it soft, smooth, supple and radiant. This also suits all skin types, and I’d recommend this to everyone.

Buy the PAC Deep Exfoliating Peel Off HERE

Did you try this new PAC Cosmetics Deep Exfoliating Peel??

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