Its always a big question when it comes to buying a perfect foundation for our skin type. Even when I am not buying any foundation I always get to the counters and check for any shades that match my skin tone. Indian skin tones are the ones which we wouldn’t find any foundation that matches us. Whenever i get to a counter to check some foundations the SA’s over there always….always gives me one shade lighter foundation than my skin tone/type and she convinces me that its soo perfect on me and go for it. Trust me guys…even if the SA says all good things to you when selecting a foundation, when you get home and try it on yourself  lol you will just see a ghost in the mirror, your face looks whitey-cakey and girls you’ll regret it.


So here are some tips in picking your perfect foundation shade/type:

  1. GO BARE: Always go with a bare skin. Do not wear any makeup while testing on foundations on your face.
  2. COVERAGE:  You want to know what kind of and how much coverage foundation do you want and choose accordingly.                                                                                                                         A light/medium coverage for daily-wear for college/office going. Generally most water based foundations gives a light coverage.                                                                                                 A full coverage foundation for the special occasions/days and for the bridal makeup.
  3. JAW LINE TEST: While testing the foundation on your skin test it applying on your Jaw line. Jaw line testing is the most perfect way to find your exact shade. Pick a shade which matches both the face and the neck tones. For girls who have different face and neck tones you could opt for one which is in-between the face and neck tone and balance the overall skin tone. AND never ever test a foundation on your hand coz your hand tone and your face tone are both different.                                         gallery-1434644682-rbk-beautymistakes-6
  5. KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE: Lets know what your skin type is and what kind of foundation to pick for your skin type-


    Dry Skin-

  • HOW TO IDENTIFY: Your face feels tight,stretchy and flaky.
  • FOUNDATION TYPE: These skin type girls can opt for Creamy/Oil based foundations which nourishes skin without further drying.

    Normal Skin-

  • HOW TO IDENTIFY: Your face feels absolutely the same in all the seasons and at all times.
  • FOUNDATION TYPE: These skin type girls can pick up any normal foundation which isn’t too oily/matte finished which weighs down your face.

    Oily Skin-

  • HOW TO IDENTIFY: Your face produces oil all over just after you step out in the sun.
  • FOUNDATION TYPE: Opt for water based oil-free/shine-free liquid foundation. Oil-free or shine-free foundations helps absorbs excess oil and shine keeping skin well moisturized. And do not skip the Primer step before foundation.

    Combination Skin-

  • HOW TO IDENTIFY: Combination of Normal+Oily skin. You will have an Oily T-zone and a Normal cheek-chin zone.
  • FOUNDATION TYPE: A water based oil/shine free foundation is best pick for these combination type skin girls.


One of my personal tip is that- Do not opt for foundations with SPF’s. The Titanium dioxide, which is the main ingredient in the sunblock and which has a whitey color gives more of a cakey look on most Indian skintones. So i prefer to avoid foundations with Spf. Rather applying a sunscreen prior to the foundation and blending it completely into the skin and then wearing a foundation is a better option (my personal experience).

And that is it! We are soo done in picking our right foundation shade. Hope you Find this post helpful in finding your perfect shade. But still if you din’t find your shade or by-mistake bought a wrong shade I will help you sort out this issue too in my next post. Until then keep tuning into my blog. I will update it soon.

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