I’m a fan of particular products of Dove, like they really performed so good on me. Here’s another set of Dove favorites, which they’ve launched two variants in the Advanced Hair Series range, quite some ago. In this post I’ll be talking about one of the variant, the Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, duo.

Just like skin, your hair changes over time: it loses proteins and lipids and your hair starts showing signs of damage by looking duller and thinner. At such times, hair needs special care and nourishment to bring back its volume. Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo has been uniquely formulated with a blend of ingredients to help replenish essential nutrients that hair can lose with age. Gentle and light, with a sophisticated, feminine scent, it’s our best shampoo for thinner looking hair. This nourishing shampoo delicately cleanses and revitalizes your hair, bringing back volume in your hair.

Features & Benefits:

  • 2X more Volume
  • Perfectly Nourished hair
  • Infused with Vita nutrient complex
  • Hair nourished and volumised to the fullest
  • Deeply nourishes and locks nutrients into hair
  • Gives voluminous looking hair

PRICE : INR 260/- for a 240ml quantity product each.

AVAILABILITY : These Dove Rejuvenated Volume shampoo and conditioners can be found in any beauty supply store, or any supermarket at your nearest locality. Online they’re available on Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.


  • Shampoo – Delicately massage the shampoo into wet hair and scalp to experience its caring lather. Rinse.
  • Conditioner – Gently apply the nourishing formula to mid-lengths to ends of freshly washed hair. Leave for upto 3 minutes. Rinse.

Packaging, the Dove Rejuvenating Volume range comes in a pretty white to purple ombre themed tube. Yes, both the shampoo and conditioner come in a tube with a flip open purple cap. All the details and description about the product is mentioned at the back of the tube, and glad they’ve given the list of ingredients too. The color combination and the sleek packaging makes anyone to buy the, and moreover being very travel-friendly they can be easily carried around during tours/vacations.

The shampoo is a light golden colored, and has a typical Dove shampoo fragrance to it. It lathers quickly and easily to a soft creamy foam, very similar to other Dove shampoos. If you’re gonna use it directly, then you’ll need a lot of product to shampoo your hair. And if you don’t wanna use a ton of shampoo on your hair, then it’s better dilute it in water and use.

And the conditioner is a cream based, thick in consistency and also has that typical Dove conditioner fruity-floral fragrance. It has a smooth texture to it, and also has a silicone-y slippery-ness to the conditioner. But that just washes off once the conditioner is rinsed.

How I use – is I wet my hair first and I basically start from my scalp. I gently massage the scalp first and then gradually come to the mid lengths and then the ends. After a good 3-4 minute massage with the shampoo I leave it for a good 1-2 minutes further and then rinse it off with cold or sometimes lukewarm water. I make sure all the shampoo is out of my hair, and I squeeze out the water off my hair prepping for my conditioning session. For conditioning, I flip my hair upside and apply the conditioner to my lengths to the ends. I basically scrunch for a minute as I have wavy hair, and leave for a good 5 or sometimes 10 minutes until I finish with my body works. And then rinse off with cold water.

The results – the shampoo cleansed my hair pretty well without drying my already dry-damaged hair. It definitely smoothed out my hair, and added a bounce to it. My hairfall was just as normal as it would every time I’d shampoo, meaning this shampoo does not do anything for hairfall issues. I don’t want to expect more from a shampoo, coz a shampoo’s duty is to just cleanse the scalp and hair, which pretty much this did. And the conditioner makes my hair a little less frizzy than normal, which I am happy about. I think it’s the silicones work to de-frizz the hair, but I’m only worried about having so much of silicone into my hair. After completely air-drying my hair, I could feel the smooth and bounce. Nothing like crazy volume, but yes a light fluffy feel for a day is definitely seen. On the second day, the bounce and fluff does come down due to the weather conditions(of course). I always use the shampoo conditioner in combination, and never tried them individually. So my results are after the shampoo duo routine.

Did you try this Dove Rejuvenated Volume shampoo conditioner duo?

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