It’s always good to be noticed by brands and trying out their products. On one such great day, Sapphire Botanics, a small new Indian sustainable skincare brand happened to talk to me and were kind enough to send me out few of their products. Sapphire Botanics is an eco-friendly skincare brand, that promotes sustainable beauty and create positive social & environmental impact. At Sapphire, products are made using Natural Plant and Seed Oils, Butters and Clays using Fair Trade practices without need of any preservatives or emulsifiers. And moreover, their packaging is free of single use plastics and it gets collected back and recycled. I have received two of their newly launched DEW Facial Mist and the PLUM Body Butter, which I will be talking about in this post.

Let’s start with the DEW Facial Mist, which is a multi-utility product. Can be used as a toner, as a refreshing facial mist or to set makeup or it can be mixed with your favorite mask for additional benefits.ย It helps keep your skin hydrated all day and smells absolutely pleasant and calming. It’s the burst of flower garden on your skin. It contains Aloe Vera Juice infused with exotic flowers and herbs.

PRICE : INR 299/- for a 100ml product.

INGREDIENTS : Aloe Vera juice, Rose water, Neroli water, Chamomile water, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint water, Tea tree water, Lavender water

Dew comes in a clear spray bottle, and I love the way it evenly mists on the face and just not concentrate straight on one patch. Backside of the bottle is the ingredients list and details about the product. I use this right after I cleanse my face, as a toner. It hydrates the skin without any tacky feeling and it gives a beautiful glow, which I’m absolutely up for. I love when toners or mists don’t make skin tacky. But majority of times, this is my refreshing mist. For the glow it gives, I opted this to be an instant fix after a tiring day to refresh the skin and boost hydration. Made with all natural goodness, this Dew mist smells of flowers, and also these have minimum shelf life.

Next up, is the PLUM BODY BUTTER, an exquisite body butter that solves all your skin issues from dryness, ingrown hair to skin irritations is also meant to reduce all signs of aging. Plum is a blend of unrefined pure ingredients directly from nature’s bounty like raw nut butters, rich plant oils and healing essential oils. It’s free from water so it does not require any preservatives or emulsifiers. Plum is our jar of goodness but do not touch it with wet hands as it doesn’t contain any preservatives. It has amazing anti-aging benefits, promotes skin elasticity, fades away fine lines and wrinkles while also hydrating your skin.

PRICE : INR 999/- for a 100g product.

INGREDIENTS : Kokum Butter, Pomegranate seed, Hemp, Flax seed, Tamanu, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree, Lavender & Vitamin E.

This is a pure bliss to your skin. Plum Body Butter comes in a hefty glass jar with a silver screw lid with all details about the product along with the ingredients list on it. Kokum butter, the main ingredient in this body butter, is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, and 9, which aids in skin cell oxygenation and vitamin E that helps maintain the elasticity of your skin. It’s great for sensitive skin and also works for all skin types. As it’s non- comedogenic, it can unclog your pores if you use it regularly and help keep acne at bay giving you the perfect flawless skin. Kokum butter also improves skin tone. Due to its extremely light texture, it absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves it moisturized and rejuvenated.

Made with nature’s raw butters and no preservatives or artificial fragrances, this body butter purely smells of Kokum Butter. The fragrance, I feel is not everyone’s cup of tea, after all fancy heavenly body butters available in the market. It’ll take time to adapt with organic fragrances, but trust me it’s the best thing you’re gonna gift to your skin. I use this right in my shower, when my skin is still damp. I think body butters do work best when applied on damp skin. Due to its concentrated blend, a little goes a long way. This absorbs quickly into the skin and intensely moisturizes with a dewy glow on the body and the fragrance fades away within an hour, so need to worry about it.

This was actually the most satisfying package to unbox, as the entire packaging is done with newspaper and trust me there was absolutely #NoPlastic. The products were securely housed in a ton of paper strips, and also there’s only paper wrap and #NoBubbleWrap. I’m so proud that Sapphire Botanics has taken a bold step of banning plastic packaging and saving environment. Also I love the products I got. Use of fresh, natural and organic nature ingredients is always beneficial to skin compared to synthetic ingredients.

Did you try these Sapphire Botanics products? They also have a huge variety of Organic Essential Oils and a Mud Mask available.

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