Plum Goodness has recently celebrated its 5th birthday and the birthday bash was celebrated with a great sale on their website. If you follow me on my Instagram(@shailaja_l) you know that I hauled few of my favorites with which they offered a birthday surprise, their Birthday Edition Bath Set. A tropical tango limited edition bath set comprising of a shower gel, lotion and a hand cream. This special 5th Birthday artwork created by Sajid Wajid Shaikh brings to life the world of Plum Goodness – a World brimming with goodness in its many forms.

This Birthday Edition Bath Set contains –

  • Plum Tropical Tango Shower Gel (50 ml) : Get a burst of all things tropical with this energizing shower gel brimming with the goodness of melons in celebration of 5 years of Plum Goodness! Check Ingredients list HERE
  • Plum Tropical Tango Gel Lotion (30 ml) : If you can never get enough of melons i.e. melons you “musk”… you’re in for a treat! Bring alive the joy of 5 years of Plum Goodness with this ultra light-weight gel lotion that’ll transport you to a tropical heaven with a melony twist like never before! Check Ingredients list HERE
  • Plum Tropical Tango Hand Cream (25 gm) : When life (or Plum) gives you melons, you put your well hydrated hands up in the air with joy! Say hello to this emollient and nourishing hand cream that’s all set to fill you up with some tropical delight with an unbelievably fun muskmelon fragrance! Trust us, you’d want to ”get your hands” on this! Check Ingredients list HERE

PRICE : As said, this is a limited edition bath set which I got it for free during their birthday sale, but this is still available at INR 599/-

This Bath Set comes in a re-usable peppy tin box with Sajid Wajid Shaikh‘s artwork on it, totally cool box. Inside are the mini bottles of the Tropical Tango Shower Gel and Gel Lotion along with the Hand Cream. As the name already says it, I think they’ve color coordinated with the packaging and product color as well which is why its all tangy orangey bottles and tubes and nice orangey tinted gels and creams. These are absolutely perfect for travel.

The shower gel is a translucent orange gel which lathers greatly and fills your entire shower with an amazing tropical punch fragrance. Using a loofah helps lather well, but I personally use my bath gloves so I cleanse and exfoliate simultaneously for a super smooth skin. This shower gel has SLS in it; just a piece of info for people who stay away from SLS filled products.

The gel lotion has a peachy creamy texture to it, with an almost similar citrusy fragrance to it. I love the fact that this lotion has Kokum Butter and few seed oils in it which keeps dryness at bay all day. I use it right after my shower when my skin is still damp, so the lotion absorbs in quick and seeps deep into the skin. And it also feels light when I apply on damp skin rather on dried skin. Being a water-based gel lotion, it leaves my moisturized for a good 5-6 hours after which I felt I had to reapply it.

Lastly, the Tropical Tango hand cream which is again a peach colored cream. Did you notice that all the products do have artificial FDA approved colors added to them? Sensitive skin people or people who are allergic to colors might want to stay away. But anyways, coming back to the hand cream, I am not a huge fan of hand creams, although I do have dry hands/palms issue. Idk but I always feel hand creams do attract more dust on to my hands than when I leave them alone. Who else is with me? This Plum hand cream does hydrate my hands for a good 3-4 hours.

Did you try this new Plum Goodness Birthday Edition Bath Set??

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