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Multi-utility makeup sticks have been in rave in the recent times. And just in the right time came the Stay Quirky brand with their Foundation Concealer Color Corrector Sticks. The name says it all, theses are multipurpose foundation sticks which come in 10 shades including color corrector shades. I wouldn’t have picked up these foundation sticks if there weren’t any dark shades; I’m glad these have darker shades but in vain only 2 shades. This post is going to be about these foundation sticks and stay till the last to know how these perform.

Dear girl with a dark skin tone, it’s time to cover all your naughty bites and acts in one swipe with Stay Quirky’s Foundation Concealer Contour Color Corrector Stick. This all-in-one product is what you need for flawless coverage and selfie-ready base. Unleash your quirkiness with one swipe and get a flawless base with minimum efforts.

  • Make space for this all-in-one-base maker in the form of Stay Quirky’s Foundation Concealer Contour Color Corrector Stick
  • Effectively targets problematic spots and helps you even out your skin tone and complexion
  • Provides a smooth, long-wearing and natural finish, hiding all skin blemishes and dark circles
  • This emollient-based foundation is so concentrated that a tiny amount can provide complete coverage
  • Blends evenly into the skin and does not look patchy and uneven
  • Use it as a foundation for that perfect base, use it as a concealer to cover difficult spots, use it as a contour to bring out those gorgeous features of yours, use it as a color correcter basis your undertone
  • Flawless even complexion now fits in your pocket
  • Pro tip : Your stick color choice should always be half a tone lighter than your skin tone
  • This easy roll-on product is just one thing you need for a picture-perfect base
  • Cruelty Free

IDEAL FOR : All Skin Types and All Skin Tones.

PRICE : INR 425/- for a 6.5g product. This will always be on a discounted price, so you can grab them whenever possible.


SHADES : These sticks come in a total of 10 shades. The first 8 shades are Foundation Concealer and Contour shades, while the last two are Color Correcting shades.

Looks like 10 shades is a lot, but in fact I couldn’t find any perfect match for my skin tone. A lot of you also might not. So, I thought I’ll try the darker shades which will work as contour shades for me. And I picked two shades from the entire collection –


Trust me, both these shades are beautiful contour/bronzing shades and suits all skin tones.

Packaging, this Stay Quirky foundation stick comes in a stick from with the product on one side and a little sponge-tip applicator on the other side. It does come with a outer box with all the details about the product and shade name etc. mentioned on it. This stick is a retractable one making it a perfect option for travelling. The one thing I didn’t like is that closing the lid back makes a mess because it gets in the way and you might cut your foundation accidentally. So, be careful while putting back the lid.

Talking about the foundation, this is a cream based foundation which glides on the skin very easily and smoothly. It has a medium to buildable coverage and it blends great. These give a very natural finish to the skin and do not feel tacky but I still need a powder to set my face, I have a oily-combination skin. The sponge applicator is quite helpful in blending the foundation but I mostly prefer my makeup sponge for blending out. Also being small in size, it definitely takes a lot of time to blend whole face and there’ll be times when this sponge leaves that round streaks behind and I’ve to go over with my beauty blender again. I use the two shades as my contour shades, so I’d need a medium coverage for contouring and these pretty much good for that fact. And I think these two dark shades would serve as contouring shades to every skin tone upto like NC45(or upto NC47 or even NC50, comment down if any deeper skin people tried these).


  • Sleek and comfortable, travel-friendly Stick packaging
  • Retractable stick with a sponge applicator on other end
  • Very affordable
  • Cream based foundation
  • Medium to buildable coverage
  • Easy to blend formula
  • Gives natural finish


  • Disappointed with the shade range, there’s not many shades with different undertones.
  • Closing the lid becomes a little messy until the product is leveled to the rim.

Did you try these Stay Quirky Foundation Concealer Contour Color Corrector Sticks?? Lemme know your thoughts on these…….

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