Ever tried all possible at-home remedies for curing your dark elbows and knees, which in turn only put you down. Well, it always happens with me, and I keep wondering why don’t home remedies don’t work for me. There are some parts of the body which needs some extra TLC. Right in time came this special gift, the Organic Riot Spotlight Cream which was sent by Nykaa team. And I have been using it quite regularly since then for my dry and rough elbows, because that’s my most problematic area. In this post, I will talk about how this special cream fared.

Skin care for your body – especially for areas that tend to need extra attention. Your elbows, hands and knees deal with a lot of damage, which is probably why you’ll notice symptoms like dryness, roughness and discoloration. So we’re shining the Organic Riot Spotlight on them. This formula works to undo the damage by deeply moisturizing and renewing the skin. Despite being rich enough to nourish thickened skin, it seeps into it within seconds.

  • Safest natural ingredients
  • ECOCERTยฎ approved ingredients
  • Food grade carrier oils
  • Food grade preservative systems
  • Ecologically friendly preservative systems
  • Steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Plant-based cold-pressed oils
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Wild-crafted ingredients
  • Certified natural (alcohol-free) fragrances
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Packaging printed with food-grade, non bio-accumulating & heavy-metal free inks
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan

PRICE : INR 1120/- for a 50gm product.

You can also avail this Spotlight Cream HERE!

INGREDIENTS : Water, (ECOCERT) Mango Butter, (Organic) Coconut Oil, (Organic) Kokum Butter, (Organic) Glycerin, (ECOCERT) Cetearyl Glucoside, (ECOCERT) Cetearyl Alcohol, (Natural & GMO Free) Grape Extract, (Natural & GMO Free) Kiwi Extract, (Organic) Tamanu Oil, (ECOCERT) Dehydroacetic Acid, (ECOCERT) Benzyl Alcohol, (ECOCERT) Natural Fragrance, (ECOCERT) Dehydroxanthan Gum, (Food Grade ) Potassium Sorbate

HOW TO USE : The rich cream is packed in ultra-safe BPA and toxin free tube.

  • After cleansing, apply it as you would a body moisturizer, focusing on troubled areas.
  • For best results, apply it during the day and night.

(Tip : Apply Spotlight on your cuticles to enhance your hands even more.)

Packaging, this Spotlight cream comes in a regular blue and maroon colored plastic tube with a flip open cap. I’ll admit I like the look of this packaging; in fact I liked the look of all their products which are totally recyclable. It does come with a outer box which has all the details of the product on it along with the ingredients list. And I love that the packaging is completely BPA free non-toxic packaging and they’ve also marked food-grade and certified ingredients. Also, this tube is pretty travel-friendly.

Straight up to the point, when you squeeze out the product it just feels like you’ve BB cream on your fingers! That was the first impression I had when I used it for the first time. The cream has a kind of tinted moisturizer kind of formula with a creamy texture and of course smells like vanilla – that’s sure shot fragrance from the butters. The cream applies evenly on the skin and quickly gets absorbed without any tacky feeling. And I think this has to be shaken well before use, because the first time or in fact every time I squeeze out the cream all that comes out is oil. The butters/oils from the product kind of separate in the form of oil and create a light mess when squeezing, but that’s a major problem though.

Enriched with goodness of Mango butter, Kokum butter and Coconut Oil, this cream is extremely moisturizing and instantly gives a soft, hydrated skin. I have been using this from two weeks now on my textured elbow skin, and I see the roughness on my elbows is being reducing and the dryness is just at bay. I haven’t seen much difference in change of tone as it’s just two weeks of use, I’m gonna wait for some more time to see any further results. But for now I really like the extra care for my not-so-taken-care-of body parts.

Did you try this Organic Riot Spotlight cream? Lemme know your thoughts on it……

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