Honestly, this review is gonna be from my sister’s point of view because she’s the one who’s been constantly using these over months. And of course, all of this is her’s though. Since I have shifted to all CG things and giving some TLC to my natural hair, I stay away from all chemical shampoos and stuff. Pantene has various range of combos for various hair problems like Hairfall, Dandruff, Daily Clean up, Damage control etc. This particular is overall, like the Total Damage Care for your hair.

Enhance the power of Fermented Rice Water and Pro-Vitamin by pairing the Pantene Total Damage Care. It’s the perfect regimen for strong & nourished hair, giving you long lasting hair fall damage protection. Pantene has combined one of the world’s oldest anti-hairfall secret, Fermented Rice Water with Pro-Vitamin to create this Advanced Hairfall Solution. It strengthens hair from root to tip and reduces hairfall. The unique formula also restores hair’s true radiance and shine, for more open hair days.

  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Gives advanced protection from hairfall


Shampoo Conditioner Open Hair Miracle
INR 60/- for 75ml INR 85/- for 85 ml INR 90/- for 80ml
INR 115/- for 180 ml  INR 180/- for 180 ml  INR 190/- for 180ml
INR 220/- for 340 ml 
INR 450/- for 650 ml 

PACKAGING – The shampoo comes in a regular white plastic Pantene bottle, except for the fact that all the new versions have golden fonts on them. With new improved formula and new packaging. I should say all this does make it look so luxe, which made me wanna try but Imma stick to my CG routine. The conditioner also comes in a similar bottle (in a little smaller size tho). And the Open Hair Miracle comes in a golden tube with a flip-open cap. The smaller bottles do make it pretty travel friendly but not the bigger ones.

FORMULA/TEXTURE – The shampoo has a basic pearly white runny formula, and lathers instantly when in contact with water. Smells amazing; pretty Pantene-ish. And cleanses the scalp well. The conditioner has a white thick creme formula which coats the hair shafts well and conditions it. The leave-in oil/conditioner also has the similar creamy consistency as the conditioner

EXPERIENCE USING IT – Before starting, my sister has silky, soft and kind of manageable hair, with occasional hair problems. So this the routine she follows up. The order goes like this; firstly apply hair oil to the scalp and the Open Hair Miracle oil replacement to the hair lengths. Because scalp needs extra care. Let it sit for at least an hour or overnight. And wash off the hair with the shampoo. The shampoo cleans the scalp well. You’ll need a second wash if you’ve done heavy oiling/champi. [Squeeze out the excess water and apply the conditioner only to the lengths. Leave for 5-10 mins and rinse off, if you wanna follow a proper routine. Since it’s only with shampoo and oil replacement thing, she stops with shampoo.] Wrap up the hair in let it semi dry. When the hair is 50% dry, then comes the Open Hair Miracle as a leave-in. Take very little quantity and apply to the lengths and let dry completely. Post drying, the hair is really nourished, smooth and manageable. The frizz also lessened. If you have straight hair, its gonna maintain its shape for a day, and on the second day it does become slightly unruly. If you’ve curly hair, and scrunch this into your hair I’m sure it nourishes the hair beautifully. Although using it for the past 2-3 weeks there’s no visible change in the hairfall part, thankfully it did not increase.

Did you try this new Pantene Total Damage control range???

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