2020 has really changed our lives, our lifestyles; most probably in the worst way I should quote it. Ever since we have been in this Covid situation and our dear Prime Minister addressed us people, to be more localized, use homegrown products, homegrown food and etc etc., we are standing for it. Thanks for everyone who has been #VocalForLocal and supporting our Indian made brands. This only helps in our economy growth as well. With the mainstream of the topic being about our Homegrown brands, today I wanted to list out some beauty brands which we few of them we already knew, but most of them being so unknown. So, let’s get this post on…..

Here are our own homegrown beauty brands never-ending list. The brands started and owned by our Indians and making a huge difference, most of which are not much into the limelight. It took a lot of research behind all of this listing, for me, personally. From makeup to skincare, to haircare, personal hygiene, wellness and nutrition etc., be it small, huge or handcrafted..I made sure I cover all of them. I made sure I list out my best and I know there are still a lot more. I will make another post if I find more such homegrown brands.


That’s definitely not the end, but for now I could manage this long list. Also, it is impossible for me to tag or link each brand’s page here, so if you’re following me on Instagram (@shailaja_l), I have already posted about this and tagged every brand under the respective posts, so you could get easy access. I hope that helps better!

Hope this post is helpful, and do lemme your hand in contributing your piece of information about our homegrown brands as well. I am working on finding more Indian made brands, so expect a part 2 for this.

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