Dry skin is the most common skin type, which typically means your skin shows up symptoms like itchiness, flaky skin and tightness right after you rinse your face and pat dry. Dry skin can be hereditary, or seasonal or due to external factors like the excessive exposure of the skin to pollution, environment and sun. This dry skin type is most often confused with dehydrated skin, as these both have pretty overlapping symptoms. Dehydrated skin, however is a temporary skin condition (not a type) which means epidermal water loss from the skin. This kept aside, in this post I’ll share a simple yet effective skincare routine for dry skin.

To combat dry skin issues, HYDRATION and MOISTURIZATION should be the major key. You want to build a routine that is moisture-rich and nourishing to the skin and protect your barrier. Look up for ingredients that can pull in hydration, soften the rough skin and protect the skin barrier.

  • Hydrating Cleansers : Look for gentle and non-foaming (so that they do not strip your natural skin oil) cleansers with any moisturizing properties as your cleansers. Hydrating cleansing milks would also work great. If you double-cleanse, a good oil-based gentle cleansing balm should work well for removing all the makeup and dirt, followed by your regular cleanser again.
  • Toner/Chemical Exfoliants : Moisture retaining toner is what dry skin needs to balance the skin. And make sure you avoid alcohols and astringents. Dry skin people generally fear of the chemical exfoliators, but this is what you actually need. You need to get that dry flakes and dead skin off and let the new skin generate. Chemical exfoliation is suggested only once a week. Look for AHA/BHA’s for chemically exfoliating the skin surface without any major harm like the physical exfoliators.
  • Eye Cream : If you’re someone suffering from deep set eye issues, you should probably make your eye cream application first to ensure this goes in first deep into the skin layers to work. Look for revitalizing, hydrating eye creams for plump and de-puffing the eyes.
  • Replenishing Serum : Serums are something that work deep through the skin layers. Look for hydrating serums with actives like Hyaluronic acid that target specific dry skin issues and hydrates it. Try including them both in AM and PM routines.
  • Facial Oils : Facial Oils are an option, only in case of extreme dry skin issues, and also depending on individual’s preference. If you are using an intensive moisture lock products, then you could probably skip the oils.
  • Moisturizer : Moisturize to seal in the serum. Or skin butters like shea butter, cocoa butters are excellent moisturizers for dry skin. Actives like Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides are a great choice.
  • Sunscreen : Never ever skip your SPF. No matter you follow up the long routine or not, Cleanse-Moisturize-SPF is the utmost care you take for your skin. Finish off your day routine with a sunscreen with SPF30 (or more) and UVA UVB protection.
  • Night Cream : Essential in your night routine, you can finish off your night routine by slathering a layer of skin replenishing and nourishing overnight cream or sleeping pack to wake up for a plump and glowing skin.
  • Masking : Gel or cream masks would be good for dry skin. Avoid clay masks, as clay masks would dry out your skin more. Sheetmasks are also a great option for a quick weekend spa session.

You need not follow up every single step noted. Keeping it simple and effective is also one important thing to note. Layering too many products can only leave your skin just a grease sack.

P.S. This is only a simple guide to build your skincare routine. Choosing the ingredients and products is purely individual’s choice.

Hope you find this guide helpful. Will be updating routines for all skin types in coming posts. Lemme know your thoughts on it.

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