There’s not a single brush or a brush set that I hate from Real Techniques. I mean they always amaze me with their multi utility brushes. I literally wishlist every brush set from them but I know how hard it is for us Indians to get them. After a long wait, I recently could save up to get this beautiful yet so useful Everyday Essentials Brush Set from Real Techniques, which obviously is an set of everyday essential brushes which can be used in multiple ways accordingly. While I splurge on most affordable brushes in the market, this one’s something out of the box and for the love of Real Techniques. If you are someone looking for some good Real Techniques brushes or even a beginner looking for quality brushes, then you have to check these.

Everyday Essentials for foundation + concealer + blush + highlighter + eyeshadow. Your one and done set to master the pro-styled makeup looks.

This set contains 3 face brushes, 1 eye brush and a makeup sponge.

  • RT 402 Setting
  • RT 400 Blush
  • RT 300 Deluxe Crease
  • RT 200 Expert Face
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge

AVAILABILITY : I bought mine from Nykaa some time back. And now I guess, this set is out of stock. This brush set is also available at iHerb, Lookfantastic India websites. It’s also available on Amazon, Flipkart etc stores, but I really doubt the authenticity.

The Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Set comes in a plastic box packaging, with little silicone tape strip placement for a good grip and attachment (also while removing the brushes I guess) which are obviously supposed to be removed for brush usage. Looks so simple, so classic, but they are absolute lux. Also, if you have been a RT brush user, you’d know that these are not any new brushes. They are the same old brushes with a new look and these pretty looking brushes so called me out that I had to try them. Few of them I do had them in my previous bought sets, (if you haven’t seen those posts – Real Techniques Brushes Pt1, Real Techniques brushes Pt2), but there’s something from this set that called me for it. The older brushes used to have a black brush end, but these new ones have the color-coded end which is so chic.

RT 400 Blush Brush
  • Tapered, Soft + Fluffy Bristles
  • Blend Powder Blush Evenly for A Smooth, Natural Look
  • One of my favorite brushes. I use it for applying blush, bronzer and powder. Powder has to be least used because this is such a huge fluffly brush, and does cover huge areas. Not best for baking though. It does pick up the blush\bronzer well and does blend them so beautifully. I rarely use for powdering purpose, as it doesn’t have density for applying powders and blending them.
Miracle Complexion Sponge
  • Soft, Flexible Foam
  • Blend Liquid + Cream Foundation into A Luminous Finish
  • Use Dry for Full Coverage or Damp for Dewy Glow
  • One of the cult favorite makeup sponge. Use it wet, use it dry, it’s gonna distribute and blend the foundation like a dream, picks up cream products well and great for precise baking. The flat edge does give the preciseness in application. I use the sponge for my foundation, concealer and sometimes for baking as well. I am someone who flips sides as per my wish; meaning sometimes I use flat side to blend foundation, sometimes the other way round..and so on. The only issue I have with this sponge is that it tears of so quick.
RT 300 Deluxe Crease Brush
  • Short, Dense Bristles
  • Layer + Blend Cream or Powder Shadow
  • Build Concealer
  • Multi way usage brush, but according to RT this is an eye brush. For me, this is definitely is big to be used as a crease brush. I use it for under eye concealer blending as well as to prep the eye for eye looks. I am usually not used to use a separate brush for concealing tho, so 90% I use this brush to apply eye base and powder it. Blends cream and liquid concealers so beautifully.
RT 402 Setting Brush
  • Soft + Fluffy Bristles
  • Dust on Highlighting or Setting Powder, Precisely for Natural Looking Illumination
  • Absolute favorite brush. I use it purely for highlighting. It is hard to find such a tapered brush, so all such tapered brushes are solely kept for my highlighters. It has the perfect size and softness to the bristles for sweeping across the cheekbone and give that lit glow. This would also be great for under eye setting powder brush for its little tapered sides.
RT 200 Expert Face Brush
  • Firm Bristles
  • Buff Liquid or Cream Foundation for A Glowing, Flawless Finish
  • Cult favorite brush (for everyone) I should probably say. This was the talk of the town foundation blending brush ever; all over the internet, all over the YouTube etc. It has the perfect dense bristles to distribute the foundation and make the blending super seamless without leaving any streaks behind. It’s great to work with liquid, cream and stick formulas. It buffs out to give a very natural finish.

Overall, there’s nothing to hate about Real Techniques brushes, at least not in my case. I’d definitely recommend them. If you have never even tried a single brush from them, then this will be the one that I would suggest to try out. You cannot go wrong with the essential brushes. Even though you are a beginner, these would be the basic brushes you need for your everyday makeup.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Did you try these Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Set? Lemme know your thoughts….

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