I am literally super late in talking about this, because of my website issues and stuff, this has been sitting in my drafts for so long. But anyways, here I’m. I had a chance to play with this huge bottle of gold. I mean isn’t it literally ‘the luxurious’ and liquid gold in a bottle. Argan Oil has always been my favorite hair oils for its nourishing and hair strengthening properties. Argan oil is also great as a hair serum for luscious locks. Having damaged hair inspite of my personal health issues and exterior factors, I had to maintain my tresses no matter what. Thanks to Lunarah Beauty team to handle me this bottle of love which I’m reviewing in this post. And omg, did you guys know this? If you’re wondering this names sounds so new, lemme tell you Luxurious Adore is now – LUNARAH BEAUTY! Yes, they’ve recently renamed their brand with all new #cleanbeauty launches, starting a new chapter ahead. Lunarah Beauty, I wish you all the luck and love. And since I had this from so long, you’d see Luxurious Adore labeling here but I’m sure all of the current products will be labeled as Lunarah Beauty. And now, let’s actually know what is this oil.

Make hair look even more beautiful with the Moroccan Argan Hair Oil. Heal and restore the vitality of every strand with this luxurious oil. The extra powerful blend will help to deeply heal, smooth and restore luster to damaged, dry and coarse strands. This exotic formula of Moroccan extra-strength penetrating oil is specially formulated to renew and creates softness and strength while protecting locks from harmful styling heat and UV damage. This gives smooth, sexy tresses that are easier to manage.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • NO Mineral oil, NO Silicones
  • Adds shine and volume
  • Controls hairfall
  • Promotes growth
  • Suitable for all hair types

PRICE : INR 599/- for 200ml

SHELF LIFE : 2 years from manufacture.

AVAILABILITY : Lunarah Beauty (the ex-LuxuriousAdore). Use my code SHAILAJA15 to get some off.


This Moroccan Argan Oil comes in a huge, wide clear plastic bottle, with a black screw cap and a little whole to squeeze out the oil. Very simple and classic packaging I would say. All the details and instructions about the oil are mentioned on the back of the bottle itself. It doesn’t come with any extra outer box package though.

The oil is a golden colored medium thick oil, that feels not so heavy on the scalp. And I am a huge fan of its scent. I know it is artificial fragrance, but OMG the sweet aroma stays for a full day or even two if you’re using this as a serum; your tresses smell heavenly. And if you have a habit of cuddling, Oh! your man is gonna love your tresses. This oil also contains Palm oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, and Olive oil which is rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and Vitamins E, K. They supply the scalp with all the nutrition and nourish the hair.

How I use Moroccan Argan Oil in my hair routine?

  • Regular Oil Massage : On a relaxing weekend or mid-week I simply massage this oil all over the scalp and wrap my head with a hot towel for a hair spa. The deep penetrating formula really nourishes the hair shaft resulting in soft and manageable hair. My hair oiling routine is very low, because I have super damaged and problematic hair, and also I’m on some treatments which’ll allow not-so-regular oiling. Sooo…I’d prefer the other way round.
  • Hair Serum : This is my most favorite thing to do with this oil. I take a few drops of the oil, rub it thoroughly between the palms and run it along the lengths of the damp hair. Due to the lightweight formula, the oil quickly penetrates into the hair, condition it and makes it shiny, without making it feel heavy at all.

As you can tell by the ingredients, this oil contains colorants and perfume which gave this oil the color and that divine fragrance. I, personally do not have any issues with it, as I use this oil mostly as a serum, rather than a proper oil. Every time I apply the oil as a serum, my sister compliments me that I smell yummy, lol.

Since I have very limp, damaged and frizzy wavy hair, this oil has become my serum in managing my frizz, defining the unruly waves and keeping the tresses so soft and shiny, giving it life; and oh not to forget its yummy fragrance.

Did you try this Moroccan Argan Oil?? Lemme know your thoughts…..

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