Be it simple 3-step or a complex 10-step, I feel everyone has to have a routine for whatever skin type you have in order to achieve your dreamy, healthy looking skin. Sometimes, it is difficult to find what works best to us, but it all starts with building the right skincare routine for your skin, and it could be the solution to your skin issues; whatever might be the products recommended for you. Since I have started this series I’d start with the normal skin type first. (Immediately starts thinking) how many of you have ‘normal’ normal skin (these days), like the no-fillers, no-treatments and no-parlourwali skin types (no offense tho). Anyways, I wanna start sharing the most basic and simple (or easiest) skincare routine or a guide that you could follow everyday for your specific skin type to achieve your skin goals; and lets start with the NORMAL SKIN in this post.

Even though normal skin people think that they need not worry about their skin, it is essential to take the basic caring steps to keep it healthy looking.

MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE – A basic CTP (Cleanse-Tone-Protect) routine and call it a day.

  • Cleanse : A mild foaming or gel cleanser would wake your skin up and feels refreshed.
  • Tone : Alcohol-free toners are best suggested to any skin type as they do not strip of natural oils and provide enough hydration to the skin.
  • Serum and\or Moisturizer : Pick a lightweight serum in combination with a moisturizer, or just be enough with a single product. If you are used to skin actives try incorporating Hyaluronic Acid or Niacinamide serums or creams. Try focusing on barrier strengthening.
  • Sunscreen (Protect) : Sun protection is a must, no matter what else you apply or avoid. If you’re not using your SPF (with a minimum protection of SPF 30) there’s no point in how expensive serums or moisturizers you use, because once the sun hits you the damage is irreversible. So do not forget your daily SPF.


  • Double Cleanse : Don’t go overboard with double cleansing. Use a gentle Cleansing balm as the first cleanser if you’re a makeup person to remove the makeup. If you don’t wear makeup then a gentle Cleansing water will do the job. Then use a mild foaming cleanser as a second cleanser for a thorough cleanse.
  • Tone : You could preferably use the same alcohol-free, hydrating toner from the AM routine. Or choose a skin balancing toner to balance the skin pH levels.
  • Eye Cream : If you struggle with under eye issues, try the Collagen boosting, de-puffing under-eye creams and make sure the eye cream goes first before your serum.
  • Serum : If you’re a teen try incorporating Niacinamide serum and thank me later. And if you are in late 20’s definitely start with low concentration Retinol serum. Don’t forget to patch test them before trying directly on the skin.
  • Night Cream : Finish off your night routine with a deep moisturizing or skin rejuvenating sleeping mask to wake up to a plump and healthy skin.
  • Lip Balm : Don’t forget, your lips need that extra TLC too. Apply a lip butter or a moisturizing lip masque to keep it juicy and soft.


  • Exfoliation : Physical or Chemical, try exfoliating only once to twice a week. If using chemical exfoliators, AHA/BHA’s are the best recommended. Remember not to go overboard, do not over exfoliate and damage your skin barrier.
  • Masking : Normal skin types can most probably tolerate any type of mask, be it clay or powder or cream masks. Detox your skin once to twice a week with a purifying mask to clean up the pores and give a fresh canvas.

Keep it simple and effective! Layering too many products can only leave your skin greasy.

P.S. This is only a simple guide to build your skincare routine. Choosing the ingredients and products is purely dependent on the individual.

Hope you find this guide helpful. Will be updating more skincare routines for other skin types in coming posts. Lemme know your thoughts on it.

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