The biggest sale of the year is here! Nykaa Pink Friday Sale is just starting from Nov 24th – 28th and you can find your favorite products at amazing deals. So quickly check your bank accounts and get your wallets full, you’re definitely gonna end up with huge hauls; I promise. Here’s a simple post I thought to share with my little fam who wanna shop from the sale and who like to take my recommendations. I made it easy for you guys to shop quick and give my best suggestions about what to buy and what to leave.

But before even I give out my recommendations, I also wanted to warn you that be absolutely cautious in placing your orders. Always keep in mind these little precautions when adding products in your carts –

  • Make sure you check the expiry and the manufacturing date of the respective product.
  • Its the sale time, so shop for your long wishlisted products and look for the maximum discounted ones. Make the maximum use of the sale shopping your newly wishlisted products; Nykaa has 15%-20% sale on some brands all year long which you can avoid now and include something else.
  • You might want to stock on your holy grail products, but sometimes Nykaa might send out clearance products.
  • Make a clear list of what you need. Makeup/Skincare enthusiasts, I know the urge for trying out new things especially in such time. I hope you take advantage cautiously.
  • Finally, Happy Conscious Shopping!





That is it! Here’s the list of few never-before deals that you can haul on. Hope you find this helpful.

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Above mentioned are my affiliates; it’ll be really grateful if you shop through my links.

Happy Shopping my lovely angels!!

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