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With most new thingies coming up in the markets in today’s life, one of the questions that keep wandering our mind is that- what tool to use and what tool-makeup brush, sponge or fingers- to pick for a flawless foundation application. Well, the answer is that all the three works perfectly as long as you know how and what technique should be incorporated so as to get the right result.


Used when applying liquid foundation and gives a smooth,perfect finish. There are lot many kinds of brushes we find in market. A brush will give you a flawless finish without wasting a lot of your product, and it also blends much more evenly than your fingers. Lets see what brush gives what kind of finish-





You could have the best foundations from the market in your vanity, but if you don’t apply it properly, it’s worth nothing. Makeup sponges have been around the corners from a long time, but ever since the BEAUTY BLENDER came into the limelight, beauty blending sponges have been a must-have in every girl’s beauty kit. Sponges come in lots of different shapes and densities. There are wedges, teardrops, acorns and, of course, a bunch of beauty blenders. So lets see what all kinds of blending sponges do we get in the markets today and how do they work-


And nowadays we get more cutesy brush sponges, lol and these are sooo cute.



But in terms of application and maintenance, these sponge brushes may seem to be little difficult. It totally depends on the individual’s patience in maintaining it.


This is most the convenient and cost-free way of application. Lot of people swear by their fingers to apply foundation and others would never dream of it! They’re free! You don’t have to buy and carry around an extra tool. And you won’t be wasting as much product as using a sponge, so you’ll save money. More over your hands will WARM UP the foundation helping it BLEND nicely, giving you SMOOTH and perfect finish.


But using your fingers can get pretty MESSY. You wouldn’t have as much control as with a sponge or brush, which can sometimes result in STREAKY or UNEVEN application. Your fingers and hands have to be freshly washed before application otherwise you will spread BACTERIA and cause BREAKOUTS.

So these are the three different most commonly used foundation application techniques by most Professional makeup artists and almost every woman who uses makeup. It totally depends upon you that which technique you  prefer and what suits your skin needs. Some of them use a combination of two three techniques also to achieve the look. I personally dab on my foundation with my fingers first and then use my Blender sponge and bounce on my face to get that flawless look. So just keep trying different techniques to find yours.

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