How many times have you paid tons of bucks every weekend at the Starbucks and Coffee Day’s. How many of you don’t even have count on how many times a day/week/year u drink coffee?? Right?! I love my cold coffees. I love my espressos, lattes and cappuccinos and most importantly being South Indian, I just cant live without hot filtered coffee. The aroma of the coffee gets me into another world.


Okay! Getting back to this post, are you guys thinking that I am here for giving you some mouth-watering ‘coffee’ based recipe?? Uh uh!! Baby you got it wrong. But yeah, I am going to give my own recipes of DIY COFFEE BASED SKIN CARE.

I recently started incorporating coffee in my skincare and OMG I am loving it. Why din’t i discover this before? In this post I will be telling how i use coffee daily/occasionally in my skincare routine for gorgeous skin ever.

  • CLEANSING:     No matter what cleanser/face-wash i use to cleanse my face, I mix a 1/2tsp-1tsp of coarse ground coffee in my facewash and lather it on my face. And just after i rinse off my face, I see an instant glow on my face and soft, smooth skin. The coffee along with the cleanser actually double cleanses my face getting rid of the stubborn dirt in the pores and cleanses it thoroughly. Instead of washing my face two times, i personally follow this procedure and its soo much easy on my face.


  • EXFOLIATING:      For those days when i need some extra TLC for my skin, I use my DIY Coffee scrub to exfoliate my body. I mix 2-parts of ground coffee to 1-part of baking soda and mix it well. I use this scrub and massage for 5 minutes and then wash off. I use it both in wet and dry forms. It leaves my skin ultra smooth and soft. I do this 2 times a week or maybe in my pamper times.


  • FACE-MASK:     A tsp of finely ground coffee with a tsp of yogurt, mixed into a fine paste. I apply this on my face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. After drying, i massage for a minute or two and then wash my face with cold water. And voila… i have soft and smooth and glowing face.


  • HAIR MASK:     I use coffee in my hair-care routine too. I use coffee water to mix my henna paste and let it sit the whole night. And the next morning i apply it to my hair and sit for 3-4 hours and rinse of with warm water without shampooing. This makes my hair silky soft and smooth with lot of volume. For those of you who think henna makes hair reddish/orange-ish, try mixing coffee water. Coffee stains your hair to dark brown color, also making it shiny and voluminous.


This is how coffee had changed my lifestyle completely. And now I just cannot live without using coffee in my skin care routine. I actually placed a big tin with coffee in my bathroom shelf and my mum was like whhhat??!! Coffee in the bathroom?? and she screams out on me.

And here is small disclaimer-

  • People who are allergic to topical application  of coffee, I am in no way responsible for any reactions/side-effects of it. Just carry out a patch test before actually using it on your whole face/body.
  •  I use both finely ground and coarsely ground coffee depending on my skin sensitivity and thickness. So for the first time users always start with finely ground version and gradually shift to coarse ground. And it is also better to start with small quantities and adjust it according to your ease.


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    • Yes it is good for acne prone skin too.. I have seen so many people use coffee for their acne treatment, but before you take any step please take certain precautions and also try out a patch test before u head on to applying to your whole face…
      Coffee+cinnamon, these are the three best coffee masks we can try at home and they work wonders…but cinnamon is for someone who can actually stand all that tingling/burning sensation for whole 15-20 mins and aint nobody can stand that..
      And thank you so much that my post helped you in someway……

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