I love experimenting on my hair. I am never consistent on one particular hair process/technique. I keep on switching between different hair treatments. Sometimes I go for chemical treatments, sometimes I get a professional hair color done and sometimes I go on a complete henna treatment. But i give that certain amount of time that has to be given before any treatments/processes to be done on my hair. After a couple of smoothing treatments and hair fall treatments at salon and damaging all of my hair, and spending tons of money there, i finally decided to say a goodbye to harsh chemical treatments.

Now I rarely step into any beauty salon(not even for my facials etc). And I really do not spend any-any penny towards my hair treatments. Everything is learnt and done by me at my own risk at my home. Except for any professional treatments, every other common thing is done by me. I cut my own hair. I color my own hair. And sometimes i do that to my sisters as well. And yeah i am not any professional by any means.

Last time i colored my hair was about 4 years ago. And now again I thought i should do it again. After searching a lot about different hair colors in different brands in different shades, finally I found the LOREAL CASTING CREME GLOSS HAIR COLOR. The good thing about this is it contains NO-AMMONIA and it has amazing/stunning shades to choose from. So this is my complete review of this hair color.


The LOREAL CASTING CREME GLOSS Conditioning Colour with No Ammonia has visible shimmers in it. This is a temporary hair colour which lasts upto 28 washes. I got the shade 360-BLACK CHERRY. I really love  the red toned black hair. I sometimes even think of getting a black-red ombre kind of hair done. This was the only shade that had red tones in it. Or maybe i dint find any-whatever.


The LOREAL CASTING CREME GLOSS Conditioning hair colour-

  • contains Shimmering colour with rich glossy shine
  • contains royal jelly
  • covers grey
  • No Ammonia
  • Conditioning care: satin soft and voluptuous hair.


Inside the pack are-

  • 1 tube of creme colorant
  • 1 bottle of developer
  • 1 bottle of Nutri-shine Conditioner
  • 1 pair of professional gloves
  • 1 instruction leaflet

PRICE:   INR 525

Detailed guide below-



Do not forget to read the leaflet before you attempt to color your hair. And most importantly DO a PATCH TEST beforehand in order to see if you are reactant to it or not.


  1. Wear the gloves.
  2. Pierce the colorant tube with the screw cap given and empty out the whole colorant into the developer.
  3. Now close the developer bottle and shake the bottle vigorously to mix the two contents.
  4. Cut the opening of the developer bottle with a pair of scissors.
  5. Start applying the color directly to the roots of the hair after sectioning it. Apply to the whole hair thoroughly and massage the color into the roots for a minute well .
  6. Leave the color for 20 minutes to develop.
  7. Rinse the hair after 20mins thoroughly until the water runs clear.
  8. Do not shampoo.
  9. Use the Nutri-shine conditioner and apply it to your whole hair. Leave for about 5 minutes and rinse off.
  10. Air dry or Blow dry hair as required.

My Experience- At first, I was in doubt that how this color would turn up coz the color shown on the box was a total reddish brown hair. But out of curiosity and with lot of courage, I finally tried this out. I followed the steps as mentioned it the leaflet. Absolutely no mess and no dripping at all. My hair is natural dark brown color. Just after i rinsed and conditioned my hair, i thought it would turn red, but surprisingly it turned black. Yes it was totally black in color. After air drying my hair I checked again and it was black again. And just when i stepped out of my house into the sunlight, OMGGG!!!! i could see it..It was a beautiful cherry red tinge on black hair. And it was super shiney and glossy with a lot of volume. My hair has never felt so good. It took about a day to completely develop its color. I absolutely loved the way it turned out.



Hope you liked this post. Keep loving!!! Let me know what do you think about this.

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