I have always drooled over all those MUA’s and youtubers using the SIGMA Kabuki brush set and the MORPHE makeup brush set for doing their makeup and i literally dreamed of when would I be having/using them. And never in my life I cannot afford to have them too. But over time, i have developed love towards the Kabuki makeup brushes. And WOW! recently i have become a freaking makeup enthusiast, moreover I am just a beginner. My love for having kabuki brushes never ends and So i thought i should have a makeup brush set. And in India finding a good professional makeup brush set is not easy. In whatever beauty store you try to ask the salesgirl for a good makeup brush set, she will hand over those typical set where we get one powder brush, two eye brushes, one lip brush and a eyebrow comb kind of brush. These brushes are ofcourse the beginners essentials but trust me I have used any brush from that kit except for the powder brush.

Finally, i thought of giving a shot on online stores and i ended up landing in Amazon website. I saw the exact dupes for the SIGMA kabuki brush set and guess what..it was so damn affordable. Without giving a second thought i ordered them and here are those beauties.


They are non-branded and so much affordable. Because SOMETIMES NON-BRANDED STUFF SERVES MORE THAN THE OTHERS WHEN COMPARED.

Bought from: AMAZON.IN- link here (price and all details included in the website)

Price:-   INR 895. And i opted for next-day delivery, so i had to pay a INR100 extra. There are wide range of color options, but the colored ones cost a bit more. Do check the link above.

(You can find similar brushes in Ebay and Flipkart also. And you can find it on Aliexpress too for around INR450, but it takes about 15-60 days for the delivery. I mean who would wait for 2 months after ordering makeup, I wouldn’t- I need it the next day or maybe in a next two days.)

These are a set of 10 brushes- 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. They come neatly packed in a leather case.

The small brushes are actually said to be used for eyes, but they are way too big for using as eye brushes. So here are the uses of individual brushes: (This guide would definitely help clear all the confusions)


Basically, these brushes contain the same replica in the smaller version. I mean every bigger brush has its small brush replica. If we find the bigger brush way bigger, we can opt for the smaller brush.


These brushes are soooo good. I am totally in love with them now. They are so dense and fluffy and soft. I have started using two of the brushes(as you can see in the pic below-two brushes look used up) since a month and I haven’t noticed  any bristle fallout or any kind of damage too. Absolutely worth the price.


  1. Super affordable
  2. Dupes for the Sigma Kabuki brushes
  3. Super dense and fluffy
  4. Comes in a leather wrapping case
  5. Comes in different colors
  6. Synthetic bristles
  7. No skin irritations/reactions


  1. Nothing till now. But in rare cases(based on amazon reviews), the bristles fall out. I have been using them from a month now and  i haven’t experienced any sort of fallouts. If you are lucky enough, you may get a good quality brushes. So always hope for the best.



Overall, if you are a beginner and if you are in need of some professional beginners makeup brushes within your budget, then these makeup brushes are a sure shot.


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  1. As i’ve said before.. I too wanna get my hands on these brushes!! Nd i’m buying them now after reading ur full review!

  2. Wow they r lookin too gud. ….I recently picked up dupe brushes of naked frm Amazon ,they r gud ,but I m also eyein these brushes I was kind of confused whether to get these or real techniques brushes ….. They almost cost the same I think the latter is may b a ₹100-200 more …..

    • If you want quality professional brushes, then go for PAC, but of you’re a beginner then I would suggest these brushes. They’re soft n good on the eyes…

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