Ever since the NYX soft matte lipcreams came out in the market, i literally wanted to have them. But i never ever had a chance to get my hands on them. And as we know, a product introduces its new launch and there would be tons of dupes available the next minute. This is one such beauty. The MISS CLAIRE SOFT MATTE LIPCREAM- the exact dupe for the NYX soft matte lipcreams. Or maybe I should say-the Indian version of NYX soft matte lipcreams. Yes..this sounds the right way of describing it.

So here comes the hero of todays post-the MISS CLAIRE SOFT MATTE LIPCREAMS.051 (2).JPG


It’s not lipstick nor is it gloss. It’s like nothing that you have experienced before. It’s lipstick that goes on smoothly but looks matte.


I bought them from an online instagram store for INR200 each. They are actually priced at INR150 or so depending on the place you buy. If you live in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, you can find these at few local dealors. So try your luck.

Here is the link from where I purchased these lippies from: https://www.instagram.com/wearourmakeup/

052 (2)

PACKAGING:-   The packaging of the MISS CLAIRE SOFT MATTE LIPCREAM is way very similar to the NYX SMLCs. The tubes has the color code as that the shade. But do not buy any lipcream just by looking at the tube color. Because some are really different, the shade inside is absolutely different from the tube code. So just be careful in that. And it has a slant tip doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to reach the edges of the lips too.

055 (2)

SHADES:-   They are ton of shades from this MISS CLAIRE SOFT MATTE LIPCREAMs. There are about 20-25 shades(correct me if i am wrong). These doesnt have specific names to each shade, instead they are numbered. They have pretty amazing shades, but few of them look alike. They just make a slightest difference in the colors.

These are the shades that i bought. I picked 5 shades- 05, 10, 15A, 16A and 17A. 053 (2)

057 (2)

05– A bright pink shade

10– A deep red shade

15A– A pale pink color

16A– Pinkish-Coral shade

17A– Nude shade with more of pink undertones

[All the shades are with reference to my NC43 MAC skintone. The same colors look different on lighter skin tones.]

FORMULA/TEXTURE & PIGMENTATION:-   The MISS CLAIRE SOFT MATTE LIPCREAMs have a velvety mousse kind of texture. Very light formula. Glides on the lips like a dream. It dries to semi-matte finish just after application. And after about 5mins to 10mins, it becomes matte. I really have least knowledge about the texture of the NYX SMLCs, so if you ask me for texture comparison I cannot say anything, as i haven’t used any NYX SMLCs.

Talking about the pigmentation, it has medium pigmentation. They are completely buildable but the funny part is that it doesn’t build. I mean if you you layer it on top of the first coat, it still gives the same intensity of color.

The MISS CLAIRE SOFT MATTE LIPCREAMs stay on for about 3-4 hours(without any meal/snacking). It hardly suvives any meal, the color starts to fade away just after having any meal/snack. So obviously touch-ups and reapplications are necessary. And they are not completely matte, they are slightly transferable.

057 (2)d


  1. Amazing shade range
  2. Super Affordable.
  3. Dupes for the NYX soft matte lip creams
  4. Velvety soft mousse texture
  5. Glides on lips easily and smoothly


  1. Availability. They are not available at all beauty stores. But you can find them in Flipkart and Shopclues.
  2. No testers available to test them


P.S. I dint want to use any artificial light for my photography. I wanted you guys to know how and what exactly the packaging and shades would look in real so that you will have an idea while buying yourself.

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