Another review for today. Its the ORGANIC HARVEST ORGANIC LIPS-POMEGRANATE LIP CARE Lip balm. Organic Harvest has recently launched the organic lips lipcare range. Three new lipibalms were introduced by the brand which claimed to be totally organic and all natural. I choose the POMEGRANATE LIP CARE flavour. Ever since i bought this lipbalm, I kept aside all my BabyLips and i only use this ball. This Lipbalm literally PRIMES my lips. I donno if anybody else who used it felt this, but this lipbalm moisturizes lips well as well as smoothes out lines on lips and thats the reason this  Organic Harvest Lip balm has my first priority.


What the Brand Says:-

A rich, natural moisturizing lip balm made with hydrating lanolin and natural wax, helps in retaining water, providing long lasting mositurization, and removing blackness and dead skin cells.

Usage: You can apply it by closing your lips together like you are going to kiss something, or simply smile with your lips closed, and apply the dome to both of your lips at the same time.

Price:  As a part of recent launching, the brand is offering this lip balm at an introductory price of INR149 only. But the actual price is retailed at INR199. So grab yours at the nearest store.


Key Ingredients:  EcoCert certified lanolin, Shea butter, BHT and food grade strawberry flavor. No Color Added – Color of the product may change due to the use of Organic and Natural ingredients.

Packaging:  The Organic Harvest Pomegranate lip care lipbalm is similar(dupe) to the EOS lipbalms which are still a huge bomb in the foreign/western markets. I absolutely love the cute pakaging. The lipbalm has no colour to it, making it easy to apply over any lipstick too. It is so much travel-friendly. It has a nice fruity flavor to it. The moisture effect doesnt stay for long, so reapplication is a must.




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