110467deacac61335fded88ab09aa68aDCFew months back, I bought one of the most raved and used product from the BH cosmetics brand, and it is the CarliBybel palette. I was so influenced by some of the Youtube videos and I thought i should have this palette in my vanity. ย And the worst part is that i received a broken palette. One of the highlighter was broken and thank god it did not spill over the rest of the shadows. Due to the protective plastic cover inbetween, the broken pieces were just intact within the pan itself. This is the first time ever me receiving a broken palette. My heart just broke as soon as i opened the palette. It was the first highlighter shade that broke. And this particular highlighter is my most favorite and most used one.


Till today I used it in its broken state only. But whenever i try to use it, whenever i try to pick it up with a fan brush, even though i pick it up very very carefully, there is obviously some fallout or powder spill everytime. So yesterday I seriously thought I had to fix this issue.

I saw a ton of youtube videos where people use RUBBING ALCOHOL to fix any kind of broken makeup within few hours. Even i wanted to try out the same method, but yes I do not have any kind of rubbing alcohol(also called as Isopropyl alcohol) with me. And after doing my google research on rubbing alcohols, I found that there different %’s of rubbing alcohols and each one has different properties and ofcourse they can be used in fixing makeup too. But I thought, why to take risk with my face products. And I quit using rubbing alcohols for fixing my makeup. But if you are in a rush and need an instant fix, you can defenitely opt for rubbing alcohol, and always start with less % one so that you do not have any crazy side effects on your skin.

So I thought why not we use a makeup setting spray/fixing spray for fixing my broken makeup. And at that point I only had my COLORBAR FINISHING MIST, so i used it. If this finishing mist does the job, I am pretty sure that any Finishing mist/fixing spray/makeup setting spray would do pretty much the same thing. So go ahead if you have any of the above products in your stash.

Stay the Day Finishing Mist

This is how you fix your broken makeup (and the same steps are applicable if you are using rubbing alcohol):

  1. Empty out the highlighter/any broken makeup from the pan into a clean small bowl.
  2. Little by little/Drop by drop slowly keep mixing the fixing spray into the powder.
  3. Take your time and keep mixing until there are no lumps and the texture is very creamy. It is better if it’s a whipped cream kind of consistency or a thick lotion kind of consistency. Do not make it into too runny consistency as it takes way too longer for drying.
  4. Pour this mixture back into the pan. Tap the pan/palette/compact so that there are no air bubbles and as you tap the product gets flat and there is absolutely no need to use any extra efforts to smooth that out.
  5. Let it sit for almost a day. Yes, it takes longer for drying. I actually did this process in the evening and I let it sit overnight. Meaning it took almost 12hours to completely dry.
  6. And yeah! We are all done. The old broken makeup is now just as new to use.

Here are the ‘before and after’ results. The color of the highlighter did not alter/change at all after the whole process.IMG_20160621_103620.jpg

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