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I have been missing since long. I miss writing and reviewing products. I have a ton of products to test n review. Today I am doing a short post on one of the most favorite product which I have been searching for a lot with every online store. It’s the SIVANNA COLORS 3D BROWS SECRET.


I saw Debashree(one of the top Indian blogger- I guess you would already know her) talk about Mistine 3d eyebrow pencil, which she raved about. From the time I saw that I was in search of it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. But if you stay anywhere in Delhi/Mumbai, there are few famous local stores which sell them. Lucky Delhites and Mumbai ppl. So since I couldn’t get the Mistine brow pencil, I Googled for similar product. And then I found SIVANNA made exactly same brow pencil and to my happiness this freaking thing is available on Amazon. I am definitely gonna put a link to this page for you guys.

Link: Sivanna-3D-eyebrow-pencil


I bought this from: Amazon.in

PRICE:   INR 399



WHAT  IT CLAIMS:    1 Pen – 3 Efficacy. Simple 3 steps to  achieve the dream brows. 

  • STEP 1PENCIL – Draw/Outline the shape of the brows.
  • STEP 2POWDER –  Smear evenly for fuller looking brows.
  • STEP 3BROW MASCARA – Coat with the brow mascara to stay in place.

And the rest all description is given in korean/chinese language, which i hardly  understand.






The Sivanna 3D brow secret comes in a huge pen. It has all that we need for the dream brows. I got it in the shade 02 Golden Brown(i actually booked a dark brown shade). I actually got the wrong shade from amazon, like they miss matched the shade numbers. Nevertheless, I am fixing a way and make it work for my dark brows. Bad experience with amazon, as always.

The Sivanna 3D brow’s secret comes with pencil at the top, to draw or outline the shape of the brows. Next in the middle is the brow powder which is to be applied with a sponge  applicator. Finally at the bottom is the brow mascara. It is little bit bigger than our any normal liner pencil. This brow pencil is an amazing invention, i must say. I absolutely love this pencil. This can fit inside any handbag easily. It is so travel-friendly. No extra brushes/spoolies to be carried. Each of the part can be used individually or else can be used in combination. Down is a pic of comparison of the brow pencil with the regular eyeliner pencil.


I hope this helped in comparing test. Overall, I think this is worth the investment. It is worth every penny that you pay. This is more than a normal pencil brow. I am definitely gonna get one more in different shade for myself for a back up.

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  1. I had seen Mistine Brow pencil in Debashree’ s video and have been looking for it ever since.I too saw this Sivanna colours eyebrow pencil on Amazon but didn’t order it as I wasn’t too sure about the product but now after reading your reviewI will surely pick this up.

  2. I have been searching for mistine from long time, But I cant find in Hyderabad. And I am happy to see this review and buy from amazon.

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