Colourpop launched  this mini ultra mattes set way long ago and by the time I decide whether i should get or not it went out of stock. Any new launch of the Colourpop products gets out of stock within few days, but thankfully they do restock them faster as well. But that’s not the matter with the kits/sets. After few months, this particular kit came back into stock and  this time I thought i shouldn’t miss this out and booked it as soon as it went live on the site. And yes, this beauty is all mine now.


Colourpop is one brand that do not need any kind of introduction. Is there anyone in this world who do not know about Colourpop cosmetics?. If incase you do not know, babe you are far behind the makeup trending world. Colourpop has taken over the makeup world and is slaying its way. They launch new products almost every week and ofcourse the stock flies off the few days. Keep an eye on their social networking websites or else you will miss a lot of good stuff.


This Colourpop holiday set is a set of 5 ultra matte liquid lipsticks in the mini size. This set is named as FOXY. They have two other holiday lip kits- KITTY, which is another set of 5 mini sized ultra matte liquid lipsticks and STAYCATION, which is a set of 6 matte lippie stix. All of these holiday sets are part of their permanent collection and colourpop restocks them whenever they disappear, but it’s just that we  need to check on their website for the next fill.



PACKAGING:    When Colourpop launched this set first,  it came in a full gold box packing. And for the second restock, they completely changed the packaging. As I picked the set in the second restock, I got it in the packaging as shown in the pics. It comes with pastel pink-purple chevron/tribal/Aztec theme with gold abstract embossed (uff did I describe it well. does that make sense?). The name of the kit and the shades names included inside are mentioned clearly on the box itself.

PRICE:   $18. I got it for INR 1650 including all the shipping charges and stuff. I  bought this from an instagram store.


SHADES:      The shades included in this set are BEEPER, CLUELESS, TULLE, CREEPER & MORE BETTER.

  • BEEPER – warm mid-tone browny nude
  • CLUELESS – dusty rose pink
  • TULLE – browny mauve
  • CREEPER – true classic red
  • MORE BETTER – deep violet wine

These shades are suited to almost every skin tone. I absolutely love this set. The shades included in here also have full sized bottles too. The quantity inside the mini tubes is 1.0g/.0352 oz whereas the full sized contains 3.2g/.11oz.

I find that these mini ones dry to more smoother matte finish rather than the full sized ones. I also own a full sized one in shade BUMBLE and I find that it kind of crumbles after few hours of application. But I didn’t find any such downside with the mini set.


SWATCHES:    Here are the swatches in both natural light and under flash light.






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