This review post is actually way to late. I know, but I donno why did i make it too long to post this. Anyways, this review is about the Miss Claire Full coverage concealer. Miss Claire has recently gained a lot of popularity in India. Miss Claire is an Indian local brand which produces the exact dupes for the NYX cosmetics, like the soft matte lip creams, intense butter glosses, full coverage makeup, chubby sticks and powder blushes.

In short, by now Miss Claire should be called as Indian local Nyx dupe. LOL!!IMG_0477.JPG

WHAT MISS CLAIRE CLAIMS:    MISS CLAIRE FULL COVERAGE MAKEUP. Makeup+Concealer. Light weight. Crease free. Provides smooth, long lasting coverage, so you can pretend the word ‘makeup’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary.


PACKAGING:    The Miss Claire full coverage concealer comes in a tiny glass pot with a black screw lid. All the details and description is mentioned on the pot itself. This packaging exactly reminds me of  the NYX above and beyond full coverage concealer. It is exactly same in everything. Even the name on the lid matches. This packaging is convenient and the tiny jar pot can fit into any travel bag as well.



PRICE:   INR 150 for 6g product (I got it from a local store at my place and hence the price. The price varies from seller to seller. Some sellers sell them at INR 200-300 too.)

SHADES:   I picked two shades from this range. #5 MEDIUM and #7 NATURAL BEIGE. Both are under eye highlighting shades. Both of them nearly almost the same shades with little difference in the undertones.

  • #5 Medium – orangey-yellow based concealer
  • #7 Natural Beige – true beige shaded concealer


This concealer is a cream based concealer. It has a really thick creamy texture. And due to its thick consistency it seems to be heavy while picking it up and also while applying on to the skin. But while blending it out i t blends it easily and gives a medium coverage. Since it is cream based, a wet sponge/beauty blender applicator is a must to blend it into the skin. And a setting powder on top of this concealer makes the look simply flawless. It blends in smoothly and easily in to the skin without leaving any patches or streaks.

It stays on for a good 4-5 hours without creasing after which it starts to crease. This concealer has a mild waxy kind of fragrance, which lingers for quite some time. After setting it with a setting powder, the smell doesn’t bother though.

The tiny pot doesn’t work for me.This is the only con i guess in this concealer. The small sized jar is not at all convenient for me to pick up the product. I hate to use fingers as it gets messy going inside the nails. Even the sponge/beauty blender doesn’t fit inside the jar. Best way is to use a makeup spatula to scrape the product out, place it onto back  of the hand and warm it up to work it into the skin and then  finally blend it with a wet beauty blender sponge.


Swatches of both the concealers. Left- #5 Medium   Right- #7 Natural beigeIMG_20160726_125703.jpg

Overall, Miss Claire full coverage makeup concealer is an affordable, medium coverage concealer. And I recommend  these if you are a beginner who likes makeup.

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