As much as i love and adore using international makeup and stuff, i also like the local Indian branded makeup too. Miss Claire is one of them. Miss Claire produces quite a quality products keeping in mind the Indian standards and also the budget too. This is the only brand where in  we can invest almost without even thinking anything. I bought this Miss Claire Studio Perfect Professional Makeup Primer a while back. I use the Revlon photoready hd primer but i ran out of it and this Miss claire primer came into the Indian market and i thought i should give it a try.



WHAT IT CLAIMS:   Professional Makeup Primer. Anti-Redness. Apply before foundation for an unbelievably smooth complexion. Experience the magic for yourself. The secret is your’s to be kept… Shhh…

PRICE:   INR 300 for 30ml

SHADES:   There are two shades available. 01 TRANSPARENT & 02 BEIGE. I bought the Beige shade.


PACKAGING:   It comes in a half see-through tube packaging with a black  screw cap. The Primer can be seen through the tube. This packaging reminds me of the NYX studio perfect photo loving primer. It looks exactly like the NYX one. On the back  of the tube are the ingredients list and also the shade name. The tube has a pin-hole sized hole for the product to come out, which is actually a good thing, so that we have control of how much product to use.



The primer is a true beige shade. The primer comes out of the tube a little crumbly. The texture of the primer is smooth and soft like a mousse. It blends in easily. I use my fingers to blend the primer into my skin. I let it sit for a good 2-5 minute gap to set in before moving to my foundation routine. It gives a light tint of beige to the skin after the application.

Here is the close up of my cheek area where most of my pores appears. The primer did fill my pores to some extent, but not completely. It gave a good tint to my skin. And also it reduced the oiliness.

   without primer                                                                      with primer

Overall, this Miss Claire studio perfect primer comes in handy when i go with no-makeup look. I carry this on my vacations where i don’t need to wear much makeup, but still wanna slather some cc creams on my face.

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  1. this is soooo gooodddddddddd. but it is soo hard to find miss claire products in Hyderabad. Instagram sellers will price it like hell.

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