Something new in my blog rather than the usual makeup stuff. Yes, it is a skincare post for today. I am very skeptical in choosing and using my skincare products. Although I have a very normal-combination skin, my skin reacts to some products really fast and aggressively. So I pick products which I trust that they work on me. When it comes to skin-care, the first thing to keep in mind is to keep the skin as clean as possible in order to acheive a flawless gorgeous skin. Even though the deep cleanser facewashes promises to clean out the skin, i prefer that a good electronic cleanser does a pretty good job in deep cleansing the pores and getting the gunk out. In India it is really difficult to find one good cleansing device. So , a very long ago I invested in a cleansing system from and it performed well on my skin. Like it didn’t break me out nor I had any bad issues with it. Since its been so long that I have used it, I thought to invest in some other cleansing device. And luckily I found this ORIFLAME SKINPRO CLEANSING SYSTEM and immediately grabbed it. And here is the review of this cleansing system.


Oriflame SkinPro Cleansing System – A highly effective, yet gentle, cleansing device which gives clinically proven 8 times more radiant looking skin while making your skin softer and smoother.

Traces of make-up, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells build up on your skin during the day. Ultimately they can clog your pores and, if not removed properly, will make your skin appear dull, rough and cause breakouts. That’s why thorough cleansing is essential for your skin to look its absolute best.

SkinPro works to gently and effectively remove dirt, make-up, dead skin cells and deep-seated impurities from pores, and cleanses the skin 5 times better than manual cleansing in just 1 minute. 

SkinPro’s deep cleansing helps the subsequent products be better absorbed and deliver their active ingredients deeper in your skin.

SkinPro’s brush heads are perfectly shaped for facial cleansing.

  1. The normal/sensitive brush, recommended for daily use, has long soft bristles that gently cleanse and massage your skin.
  2. Deep cleansing brush, sold separately, is recommended for weekly use to deeply cleanse your pores.
  3. The 2-speed setting gives a personalized cleansing experience.
  4. The 1-minute program with automatic shut-off.
The skin you’ve always dreamed of:
  • 8 times more radiant skin, clinically proven
  • Smoother, softer and more even skin tone, consumer tested*
  • Less visible pores



PRICE:   INR 2999/- (if  bought from  Oriflame website) & INR 1860/- on other online websites.


PACKAGING:    The Oriflame SkinPro Cleansing system comes in a white and blue cardboard box, with  all the description and instructions on it. Inside the box is the device with all the other accessories with it. This Cleansing System comes with –

  • 1 main device unit,
  • 1 sensitive brush head,
  • 1 attachable cap,
  • 1 table stand,
  • 1 set of AA batteries,
  • 1  travel size pouch and
  • a user guide.



The device is a sky blue colored piece and  also the table stand is a blue coded one. This is a battery operated system, so yes we need to  keep one set of AA batteries in hand as we wouldn’t know when the battery dies. So this point could be a pro or a con depending on the person. This device can be used both WET and DRY.

The brush head is extremely extremely  soft that even the most sensitive skinned person can undoubtedly use this cleansing device. 20160923_09340820160923_093457

The device comes with two buttons. The right side button is for ON/OFF and the left side button is for speed control. As the device gets switched on,  it automatically runs on speed 1  mode and upon clicking the left hand button it changes to speed 2. The device is very small compared to other cleansing devices and light weighted too. It is just the palm sized  and is very travel-friendly system.




  1. Moisten the brush head
  2. Squeeze out a little quantity of my favorite cleanser on the  brush head and as well as on my face too.
  3. Switch the device on and set to speed 2. I feel the bristles are too soft to get the gunk out of my face, so i set it to  max speed.
  4. I rotate the brush on my forehead, cheeks, chin, neck and nose avoiding the eye area.
  5. I use it for a good 2 minutes. And then rinse off.

I started using this twice-thrice a week since a month. The results are not very drastic as I know that any skin related product takes it time to show up the actual results. But I feel that my skin is getting its deep exfoliation every time i use this. My skin feels tighter and firmer and healthier whenever i use this cleansing system.

Hope you guys found this post helpful. Did you guys try this Oriflame SkinPro Cleansing System??? Lemme know what do you think of it in the comments below. Do Like this post and share it with your loved ones who needs help.



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