The most frequent question that people ask me whenever i post any international makeup product on my Instagram page, is ‘From where did you get it?’, ‘Is it 100% authentic?’, ‘Is that page trustworthy?’ and the questions keep pouring in. Yes, I had the same doubts just before I place any kind of the smallest order from the page/seller. 

The struggle of a makeup junkie, to have not enough makeup. I love getting all the makeup, no matter if I don’t use it also, that makeup has to join my collection. That being said, I know that it is really hard to get all the International Makeup from across the world. Even though they are available through their websites it would conclude to a lump-some amount including all the shipping and custom charges. And omg! Indian customs charge a hefty amount at the clearance. Thanks to the INSTAGRAM PAGES. In the world of fraudsters and haters, there are few Instagram pages handled by individuals and also sellers/resellers who make it easy for us to  get the most expensive beauty products at the most affordable prices.

Before listing down the beauty products from the page, I make sure to clear all my doubts regarding the product- i.e. its authenticity, price details,  shipping details etc, and then only I proceed with  the rest of the process.

Here are some of the Instagram Pages and sellers who sell the authentic international makeup, making our lives easy. The numbers goes on just random and also I personally had bought few from these pages and had a great experience shopping with them. Click on the link in the brackets to directly head to the respective page. I made it really comfortable to you guys.

BEAUTY TALES (@beautytales.in)

beautytalesThey have some kind of sale/offers going on frequently. They have a website too from where we can order. Link – http://beautytales.co.in/

MAKEUP BOULEVARD (@internationalmakeup_)


BEAUTYBUYINDIA (@beautybuyindia)beautybuyindia.png

LA CHICKWICK (@lachicwick)lachic

BEAUTY LOUNGE INDIA (@thebeautyloungeindia64)beautylounge

ONLINE MAKEUP STORE INDIA (@online_makeup_store_india)onlinemakeup

BE A DIVAA (@be.a.divaa)beadivaa.png

BEAUTY SHOP INDIA (@beautyshop_india)beautyshop

SHOPYOURADDICTION (@shopyouraddiction)shopyouraddiction

ROYALICIOUS1 (@royalicious1)royalicious.png

So these  are my Top 10 sellers who sell International Makeup products in  India for a really really  really affordable prices. I know there are many others besides these pages, but over time I have noticed that apart the other sellers these guys make things possible. Personally I have had good experiences with some of them too. Any makeup product I see, its these pages I toss through for inquiry about it.

And yes, there’s a bonus. I will be listing down few other pages too which are near equally as the top 10 pages.

The first 3 pages are kind of not in operation since quite a few months due to some personal or another issues. But every page that I mentioned are equally good. Since I had to break it down to Top 10, I made the list and also included the extras. Hope you guys  find it informative. Now get your notepads and wallets/cards. List down your favorite makeup stuff, empty out your wallets/cards….And Happy Shopping !!!


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  1. Very informative.. thanks a lot.
    Even I plan to start selling international brands. Can you assist with the business model of these sites?

  2. Beauty tales is a fraud website… i have paid for the products but haven’t received any of them.. they are not answering calls and messages

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