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Here’s a post for all the makeup beginners. If you are in the starting stages of the makeup journey, and you do not know which  makeup brushes to use and where to buy them from, well then you must check on these. Even I struggled through this phase, where I wanted to have all the branded makeup brushes but then I had to limit  myself to a certain budget. I hope  most girls come across this situation.


Ever since Sam & Nic launched  these brushes(which is way long ago) and I saw a lot of Youtubers rave about these brushes and the sets, I have had them  in my makeup brushes wishlist. And finally when I started my makeup journey, I thought this is the time I should start getting these brushes. And I know anyone would start with the Core collection set first, but funny me, I bought the Travel essentials set first. Yes, my first ever real  techniques purchase was the Travel Essentials brush set along with which i bought the Powder brush.IMG_20161014_104644.jpgIMG_20161014_104727.jpgimg_20161014_104914 Consists of 3 essential brushes while on the go. It has the flat foundation brush, wider and fluffier than the one in the Core collection. A multi-task brush, which  i use for setting my face with powder, and also for blush and bronzer(that’s why the name multi-task).

The Powder brush, my most fav brush out of all- so fluffy and huge.IMG_20161014_112205.jpgimg_20161014_112339img_20161014_112536img_20161014_112425Oops..sorry for the price sticker torn apart on the box, and also the dirty brush since I use t his brush almost daily for setting my face with a pressed powder.

Even though my main aim was to eye on the basic brush sets from the real techniques, I thought I’ll get them later and I kept postponing this. But whenever I watch any Youtube makeup videos, I see everyone using these, and oh god I get so urged to get these and finally decided to get these babies too.

Presenting the Core collection brush set,IMG_20161014_110140.jpgIMG_20161014_110523.jpgIMG_20161014_111209.jpgThe detailer brush is the least used one. I hardly use it. The pointed foundation brush is best for applying under eye concealer as it is bit smaller than the one  in the travel essentials set. The buffing brush is good for buffing the foundation in to the skin. It works best with liquid, creams and powder foundations. And the contour brush is my fav, I use it apply my powder contours and sometimes my highlighter too. The pointed tip picks up the product perfectly and the fibers blend in the product seemlessly.

And lastly comes the Starter Eyeshadow set.IMG_20161014_111433.jpgIMG_20161014_111536-1.jpgIMG_20161014_111714.jpgIMG_20161014_112021.jpgEach and every  brush in this starter kit is a must have. I swear by that. The crease brush is my ultimate blending brush and it blends  the eyeshadows within no time. No need to go on and on for the blending work. The fine liner brush makes it easy with getting even the thinnest liner probably. And the brow brush, I use for my brows and also for that precise winged liner. This set is a definite must have one.

The best part about these sets is that these come with a travel friendly case, which makes it easy to carry around while on travel without bothering of throwing it away in the handbag.IMG_20161014_112803.jpg

That is it on this post guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Lemme know which set do you own and how does it perform? untitled

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