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Best Fragrance-free, super Hydrating toner for sensitive skin?!

Toners have lately been quintessential in my skincare routine, I should say. Such amazing creations by brands for skin and there’s no way I wouldn’t fall in love with them. I should really thank BeautyBarn team for sending out the best sellers from Purito skincare and I have only been using them all. Purito Centella Unscented Toner has become one of my recent favorite hydrating and soothing toners. I love the way it is absolutely so gentle and calming on the skin yet giving my skin that plump look. This post is entirely an informative post about this recent love for toners and why I’d even suggest you to try this. Before you start scrolling down, if you haven’t read about my detailed review on Purito Centella Unscented Serum and Purito Centella Unscented Recovery Cream, go ahead read it and get back here….


PURITO Centella Unscented Serum |Review and Thoughts

No introduction needed if you have already read my previous post about Purito Centella Unscented Recovery Cream, which was gifted by Purito and Beautybarn. And this is by far Purito’s one of the best selling serums. I literally loved using this beautiful serum throughout the cold weather, coz my skin needed that extra extra hydration during the winters and this serum really kept up its hydration game. Containing 49% highly-concentrated Centella Extract that has excellent effects of skin regeneration and recovery. In this blogpost, I’ll share my thoughts about this serum.. so keep reading/scrolling.


Best Dry skin moisturizer | PURITO Centella Unscented Recovery Cream

I never thought I’d get a chance to try the Purito products; firstly my gratitude to BeautyBarn for sending me these bunch of Purito skincare goodies for review purposes. These were gifted in the mid January and I had to take a week extra to fully sort my then skincare routine and get on to this Purito thing. And I started my Purito routine by the last week of January. After a thorough 2 month routine, here I am, with my views and thoughts and my experience using the Purito Centella Unscented Recovery Cream. Since I have a bunch of products from them, I thought I’ll make individual posts, probably in the descending order of the routine; hence the Recovery Cream comes first now. Keep an eye for coming posts and keep reading this article.



From anti aging to skin rejuvenating properties, Gotu Kola, an age old Ayurvedic miracle ingredient is lately gaining so much fame and being widely used in most Indian beauty market. With its amazing skin restorative and magical benefits, the also known as Centella Asiatica, is said to be the Miracle Elixir for skin, as it truly is the ailment for so many health as well as skin issues. I clearly remember when Just Herbs introduced this ELixir and it went so hyped that I wanted to try it badly, but I couldn’t get to try for some reasons and I still have this in my wishlist. But (thankfully) recently, I have been sent this Gotukola Indian Ginseng Skin Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir by Just Herbs which I have been eyeing for such a long time. Thank you first of all team for this, and in this review I’ll share my thoughts about this beauty elixir.



Even though it’s been three weeks since 2021 has already begun, and since this will be my first post in 2021, I hope this year brings in a lots of happiness and prosperity to everyone. Firstly, I should thank Wonderskin for sending in this beauty for trying it out, and secondly I should apologize for being a little late to put up the review of this one. And as I am in my early thirties, I am definitely looking for anti aging products. Thankfully I got this Accoje Anti-Aging Intensive Ampoule. Ampoules are definitely my cup of tea kind of thingy, and here I am writing my review about this anti aging ampoule.



Feels like 2020 is really the year for all homegrown brands. And Instagram is the main platform(and reason) we get to connect with such amazing local brands and educate the consumers in all possible ways. Glamaroma is one such natural Indian beauty brand, whom I’ve known from a very long time and have had an opportunity to work with them a couple of times. If you aren’t following me on my Instagram (@shailaja_l), I have talked about some of their products which I have tried from them..(reviewing them soon). This post is about the newest skincare range; the Tea Tree Skin Refining variant which targets the acne-prone skin people mostly. If you are one of them, keep on reading..



Believe me, I drafted this blog-post way back in March and ever since the pandemic has hit the world, everything is just not alright. And loosing your own loved ones in this difficult times is even worse. And I haven’t really been so consistent with my blogposts. I am still trying to cope with everything and trying to be on track. Anyways, that kept aside, If you’ve seen my 2nd Elizavecca Haul, you’d know that I chose this Vitamin C ampoule to try out. Vitamin C is all in hype now. I really have mixed feelings for Vitamin C serums. I took a good two months time to give it a thorough test and here I am with the review.



Glowing skin is what everyone craves for; it’s been almost every girl’s dream. But our daily lifestyle factors like stressful work, hectic work schedules, environmental pollution, inadequate balanced diet, etc etc, makes it impossible to maintain our skin. This is where external factors like skincare, weekly masking routines comes into play and kind of help to heal. I’ve talked before about this Vegan Indian brand, Sapphire Botanics, which is really making a huge difference in today’s skincare industry; and giving a tough competition to others. Not many of us know about their brand, and lemme tell you that their initial launch itself was a big success, and if you haven’t known – read my Sapphire Botanics skincare review. Here I have some more of the goodness, because skincare is love for me, and I cannot stop if goodness is so pure. So let’s talk what else Sapphire Botanics has in their store.


Homegrown Indian Beauty Brands!

2020 has really changed our lives, our lifestyles; most probably in the worst way I should quote it. Ever since we have been in this Covid situation and our dear Prime Minister addressed us people, to be more localized, use homegrown products, homegrown food and etc etc., we are standing for it. Thanks for everyone who has been #VocalForLocal and supporting our Indian made brands. This only helps in our economy growth as well. With the mainstream of the topic being about our Homegrown brands, today I wanted to list out some beauty brands which we few of them we already knew, but most of them being so unknown. So, let’s get this post on…..


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