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Believe me, I drafted this blog-post way back in March and ever since the pandemic has hit the world, everything is just not alright. And loosing your own loved ones in this difficult times is even worse. And I haven’t really been so consistent with my blogposts. I am still trying to cope with everything and trying to be on track. Anyways, that kept aside, If you’ve seen my 2nd Elizavecca Haul, you’d know that I chose this Vitamin C ampoule to try out. Vitamin C is all in hype now. I really have mixed feelings for Vitamin C serums. I took a good two months time to give it a thorough test and here I am with the review.



Glowing skin is what everyone craves for; it’s been almost every girl’s dream. But our daily lifestyle factors like stressful work, hectic work schedules, environmental pollution, inadequate balanced diet, etc etc, makes it impossible to maintain our skin. This is where external factors like skincare, weekly masking routines comes into play and kind of help to heal. I’ve talked before about this Vegan Indian brand, Sapphire Botanics, which is really making a huge difference in today’s skincare industry; and giving a tough competition to others. Not many of us know about their brand, and lemme tell you that their initial launch itself was a big success, and if you haven’t known – read my Sapphire Botanics skincare review. Here I have some more of the goodness, because skincare is love for me, and I cannot stop if goodness is so pure. So let’s talk what else Sapphire Botanics has in their store.


Homegrown Indian Beauty Brands!

2020 has really changed our lives, our lifestyles; most probably in the worst way I should quote it. Ever since we have been in this Covid situation and our dear Prime Minister addressed us people, to be more localized, use homegrown products, homegrown food and etc etc., we are standing for it. Thanks for everyone who has been #VocalForLocal and supporting our Indian made brands. This only helps in our economy growth as well. With the mainstream of the topic being about our Homegrown brands, today I wanted to list out some beauty brands which we few of them we already knew, but most of them being so unknown. So, let’s get this post on…..



Organic ingredients from around the world, around the country and blending a pure, handcrafted skincare is a pure art! Agree or not, this is total satisfactory for skincare enthusiasts, I swear. And Deyga Organics is one brand, slaying on this platform. Me being a total skincare enthusiast, I always hunt for good skincare with great formulas etc., and love to try out such great products. Although I’ve known Deyga Organics for some time now, I haven’t really tried them out but thankfully I got a chance to get my hands on a bunch of their products. In this post, I’ll be talking about what all I got and my experience using them.



Not gonna kid, but I really love brands\companies who come up with efficient skincare with minimal substances and moreover being natural in ethnicity. I came across such brand, Indrani Cosmetics, a few weeks back but surprisingly and unexpectedly I was blessed that they reached me out to test their products. So, I was sent some of their skincare range, which I have been testing out right after I received their package. In this post, I’ll be talking about what all I got from them and my brutally honest thoughts about this whole new brand.



I’m sure I was the most excited when I saw It’s Skin launch in India and also to get this VC Effector Serum, since I’ve always loved and believed that Vitamin C is one miracle skin ingredient and always does wonders to skin. Even though it was a bit out of a normal girl’s budget, and me already have tried two of their serums before (if you haven’t read about them – It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Effector Serums), with really good hopes and hearing a lot of great reviews by people who’ve used it, I made my third serum purchase. In this post, I’ll be talking about this Vitamin C Effector Serum by It’s Skin brand and my thoughts about it.



Palmers is so love, at least for me. Idk why but there’s nothing that I don’t like from Palmers, be it skincare, body care or haircare. I have always been on something Palmers almost everyday or every week. I recently got to try out some of the face products. Nykaa team were kind enough to send few Palmers goodies from the Coconut Oil Formula range..and also I’ve coincidentally bought one of them right before I received the goodies for which I’ll make another post. So in this post, I’ll be talking about these Palmers Coconut Oil Formula products I’ve got with me.


Simple Skincare with ‘SIMPLE’!

Although it’s been some(ugh I should say ‘a long’ actually) time that UK’s leading skincare brand, Simple, has launched in India, I hadn’t had much of them to play with. Till today I have all of these Simple products in my wishlist, but would never check out with them. Luckily, and recently, Nykaa was kind enough to send me the Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Face wash along with their sheetmask for promotions, as Simple just turned 1 on Nykaa. So, in this post I’ll share my thoughts about these newbies I’ve been trying out lately.



COFFEE is one heavenly ingredient I cannot live without. Be it something I’d consume it almost everyday or be it I’d love to use it topically on my skin for its amazing skin benefits. Now, the reason for this intro is that Luxurious Adore, one of my favorite skincare brand whom I’ve always loved and supported, recently revamped their whole brand and is now coming up with all new skincare-bodycare-haircare which I’m so happy for. And she was kind enough to send me their new ARABICA COFFEE Bodycare range, along with their newly launched Argan Oil to review. I’ve literally started using it right when I unboxed them, and in this post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the bodycare first.


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