I love experimenting on my hair. I am never consistent on one particular hair process/technique. I keep on switching between different hair treatments. Sometimes I go for chemical treatments, sometimes I get a professional hair color done and sometimes I go on a complete henna treatment. But i give that certain amount of time that has to be given before any treatments/processes to be done on my hair. After a couple of smoothing treatments and hair fall treatments at salon and damaging all of my hair, and spending tons of money there, i finally decided to say a goodbye to harsh chemical treatments.

Now I rarely step into any beauty salon(not even for my facials etc). And I really do not spend any-any penny towards my hair treatments. Everything is learnt and done by me at my own risk at my home. Except for any professional treatments, every other common thing is done by me. I cut my own hair. I color my own hair. And sometimes i do that to my sisters as well. And yeah i am not any professional by any means.