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A Miracle Vitamin C serum for your Skin! Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum Review

Vitamin C is one of the most used actives in any skincare product; be it in cleansers, toners serums and moisturizers. It is the one stop solution for all your skin concerns. But Vitamin C is somehow just not the cup of tea for skin of color due to our skin’s excess melanin production. So that is why we find most Vitamin C serums not working for us. Moreover, synthetic Vitamin C is one difficult ingredient that is more prone to oxidize super fast. This is where Liposomal process comes into light. Liposomal formulation is a process where the potent active ingredients are encapsulated so they penetrate deeper into the skin cells than the regular serums, and work effectively. And formulated with the same nano-technology, we have the Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum which I’m going to talk about today. I’ve heard a lot about this brand ‘Sesderma’ and it has been in my wishlist forever; it is such a luxe brand and a popular one in most foreign countries. And thankfully I’m so so so glad that the team recently reached out to me to test out this best-seller Vitamin C Serum and I immediately started using this serum


Best and Simple Skincare Routine Guide : for OILY SKIN

Oh boy, cannot even start with how tricky and difficult it is to deal with oily skin. And on on top of it, if your skin regulates even more oils than natural, it is only going to lead to more problems like clogged pores, blackheads and most importantly acne. Excess sebum production is the main cause of oily skin, besides many other external factors like hormones, stress, diet, climate, genes etc. It is not any disease that can be cured, but with proper diet and care you can keep it at bay. Skincare is equally important. With the right skincare products you can make your skin appear less oilier and more glowy. Lemme take you through the very simple skincare guide for oily skin people.


Best and Simple Skincare Routine Guide : for NORMAL SKIN

Be it simple 3-step or a complex 10-step, I feel everyone has to have a routine for whatever skin type you have in order to achieve your dreamy, healthy looking skin. Sometimes, it is difficult to find what works best to us, but it all starts with building the right skincare routine for your skin, and it could be the solution to your skin issues; whatever might be the products recommended for you. Since I have started this series I’d start with the normal skin type first. (Immediately starts thinking) how many of you have ‘normal’ normal skin (these days), like the no-fillers, no-treatments and no-parlourwali skin types (no offense tho). Anyways, I wanna start sharing the most basic and simple (or easiest) skincare routine or a guide that you could follow everyday for your specific skin type to achieve your skin goals; and lets start with the NORMAL SKIN in this post.



Your skin type is not even the same as your mother’s, as a matter of fact; so why are you following your favorite influencer’s routine just because they fancy it so much without even knowing what at least is their skin type. Knowing your skin type and concentrating on skin targets really is the key to healthy and glowy skin. Ditch all those expensive bottles of skincare that you thought would work for you, but went in vain. First things first, determine your skin type to work accordingly and see the magic happen yourself. And mind you, skincare is not easy darling. So let us start our healthy skin journey with knowing our own skin and working on it. In this post, I’ll let you know how to differentiate or determine your skin type and what products or specific ingredients work for your skin type.


PURITO From Green Deep Foaming Cleanser |Review

Cleanser is a very important step in the skincare routine. I feel it plays a key role in giving a clean canvas to work out with main or targeted concerns in the next steps of the routine. I have got a chance to try out the Purito From Green Deep Foaming Cleanser recently and I’ll have to say it has become my favorite cleanser now. This vegan, fragrance-free, pH balancing smooth foaming cleanser is only made from simple and clean ingredients that are so gentle on the skin. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts about this beautiful cleanser that I’m loving so much lately.


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