Vitamin C is one of the most used actives in any skincare product; be it in cleansers, toners serums and moisturizers. It is the one stop solution for all your skin concerns. But Vitamin C is somehow just not the cup of tea for skin of color due to our skin’s excess melanin production. So that is why we find most Vitamin C serums not working for us. Moreover, synthetic Vitamin C is one difficult ingredient that is more prone to oxidize super fast. This is where Liposomal process comes into light. Liposomal formulation is a process where the potent active ingredients are encapsulated so they penetrate deeper into the skin cells than the regular serums, and work effectively. And formulated with the same nano-technology, we have the Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum which I’m going to talk about today. I’ve heard a lot about this brand ‘Sesderma’ and it has been in my wishlist forever; it is such a luxe brand and a popular one in most foreign countries. And thankfully I’m so so so glad that the team recently reached out to me to test out this best-seller Vitamin C Serum and I immediately started using this serum