BeautyPlus_20160912173517_save.jpg Skincare, Beauty and Makeup Obsessed/Addict.

The word ‘MAKEUP’ or ‘BEAUTY’ always attracts me so much rather than anything else in this world. Frankly speaking, I have so much passion in this beauty world, but really never got into it(since I am an electronics graduate). And I am so much into this new world and just never ever myself can get out of this. I have been reading all the beauty blogs all the time. And these best Beauty/Fashion blogs out there just inspired me to enter into this blogging world.

Welcome to my world of beauty for your daily titbits of beauty products, skincare, DIY’s and lifestyle and more. I am here to give ‘my opinion’ on what’s in trend, which beauty and makeup brands/products are worth for you girls out there. Most of my posts would be short, sweet and mostly full of pictorial posts rather than the long storied reviews.

And by the way, Thanks for each and every viewer/visitor, if my posts really mean something to someone and helped you girls.

KNOW MORE ABOUT ME:    I am SHAILAJA…..upcoming Blogger, Makeup enthusaist  and Owner/Editor/Writer of this so called ‘MISSION BEYOUTIFUL’ blog. I am an NC42-45 skintoned(in terms of MAC & depending on the weather conditions) dusky Indian girl……

And any kind of questions/queries you girls wanna ask me, feel free to mail me. I will surely reply to each and everyone of you.

Please Contact/Mail me on:- shailu2389@gmail.com





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