IMG_20170505_134646-01For makeup freaks or makeup junkies like me, sales are like saviors. They are the biggest ever dream come true for people who always dream of having every single makeup thing, but then affordability just stops our way. And one such dream come true sale was this one. Never in my life I thought of holding quite a bunch of ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIQUID LIPSTICKS. Ever since they have launched and I’ve seen all the YouTubers and Instagrammers rave about them, I always dreamt of having them. And finally finally finally here are they. And today’s review is all about them. Continue reading


By far this is one of the best and one of my ‘love-at-first-sight’ highlighter palette ever. As soon as Anastasia Soare announced that they were launching a new glow kit, as everybody would, even i got super excited. But after a few days of its launch and i saw one of an Instagram-er post the swatches of these, OMFG I literally passed out. That freaking palette is just metals. Holy! How could you create such such…..what to say?! Uffff…

Okay. Not to talking and reading much, I will post all the possible pics that i clicked and all the things that you can see on the palette down below. Just enjoy it.

IMG_20160718_110447.jpg Continue reading