Something new in my blog rather than the usual makeup stuff. Yes, it is a skincare post for today. I am very skeptical in choosing and using my skincare products. Although I have a very normal-combination skin, my skin reacts to some products really fast and aggressively. So I pick products which I trust that they work on me. When it comes to skin-care, the first thing to keep in mind is to keep the skin as clean as possible in order to acheive a flawless gorgeous skin. Even though the deep cleanser facewashes promises to clean out the skin, i prefer that a good electronic cleanser does a pretty good job in deep cleansing the pores and getting the gunk out. In India it is really difficult to find one good cleansing device. So , a very long ago I invested in a cleansing system from ebay.in and it performed well on my skin. Like it didn’t break me out nor I had any bad issues with it. Since its been so long that I have used it, I thought to invest in some other cleansing device. And luckily I found this ORIFLAME SKINPRO CLEANSING SYSTEM and immediately grabbed it. And here is the review of this cleansing system.

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