PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer

I’ve never given importance to makeup setting sprays. I’ve always felt it as an extra added inessential for someone on a budget. But as I get through so many new things and techniques in makeup every day, I really felt it’s time to know about and start my journey with the makeup setting sprays. I’ve had the Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist, which was an okay product and most of which I mainly used to fix my broken compacts and highlighters than on my face. So this time I thought I should be investing in some quality product that wouldn’t make me regret. Right then I had a visit to the PAC Store in Hyderabad, where I saw the new PAC Cosmetics Micro Finish Makeup Fixer. PAC did have a setting spray before, with that black square bottle packaging, which I guess is discontinued and now we’ve only this one. So, I immediately put it in my basket and checked out. And here I am, sharing my views about this new Makeup Fixer.  Continue reading