Hey My Angels!!!

Our makeup stash isn’t complete without some makeup brushes, and when I say makeup brushes every makeup addict dream brushes would be the Real Techniques makeup brushes. Yess, I myself am a huge fan of their brushes,they are so good and so perfect to work with. If you haven’t tried any of their brushes or you  are a makeup beginner, the Real Techniques brushes are the most suggested brushes. I have done a post on the Real Techniques basic brushes collection, do check it out.

So recently, Real Techniques had come out with the Ultimate Set range where Sam & Nic tried to get the best of their brushes into separate sets also including some exclusive new brushes. And as a lover of their brushes, I picked 2 of their new sets. IMG_20161119_110433.jpg Continue reading



Hey my beautiess!!!

Here’s a post for all the makeup beginners. If you are in the starting stages of the makeup journey, and you do not know which  makeup brushes to use and where to buy them from, well then you must check on these. Even I struggled through this phase, where I wanted to have all the branded makeup brushes but then I had to limit  myself to a certain budget. I hope  most girls come across this situation.

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