Since we have already learnt some less known (or already known) facts about sunscreen in my Sunscreen 101 post, I thought I’ll make a separate detailed post about the Physical and Chemical sunscreens. Sunscreens being a very essential skincare step, the big debate comes to which one amongst Physical or Chemical sunscreen, is best for skin? Since choosing between physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen plays a vital role, in this post let us see what to look for and which kind of sunscreen to pick.

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SUNSCREEN 101 : Everything You Need To Know About Sunscreens!

I know this post is up right after summer’s just finishing, but still sunscreens being everyday essential to our skincare I thought I’ll make a detailed post about them. If you followed me on my instagram platform, I recently re-shared few posts about sunscreens and different types of them, and I have been getting a lot of responses, queries and suggestions as well. Sunscreens being a really hypothetical topic, let’s break down few of the known/unknown things about sunscreens. And with a lot of questions like – What’s difference between physical and chemical sunscreen? How do you know which one is the best kind to use? Which sunscreen is least likely to cause breakouts or irritate sensitive skin? Which one will give your skin the most protection? let’s jump into the topic…

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