TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 1

Ahh liquid highlighters or just any highlighter is just a seductive term for me. It just melts me and tempts me so much. Wherever I see any highlighter, I feel like ‘I need that in my life!’. TS Cosmetics, one of my favorite little brand, launched its new liquid highlighters in 5 gorgeous shades and my darling decided to send me three shades from them for a review. I know liquid highlighter is not a necessity in the makeup routine, but if you’re a newbie in the makeup world or if you’re a newbie to the liquid highlighters world, then you need to try these! You’ll know it as you go through this post. In this post I’ll be talking about these TS Cosmetics Liquid Highlighters.  Continue reading




The skincare industry is all hyped with facial oils and facial elixirs. We know the time when the beauty world got all banged up with the very famous Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, and then their whole line of skin oils. And then comes the Gold oils, which is a concoction of gold leaflet in facial oils and many beauty products, which is said to benefit our skin in many ways and also multi-purposely used in all possible ways. Here in the same family, comes the TS COSMETICS 24K GOLD ELIXIR & 24K SILVER ELIXIR. In this post I’d be sharing my thoughts on these elixirs.

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20170616_154349-01-01.jpegWho doesn’t love glitter eye shadows? I’m totally obsessed with the glitters. Add some glitter to the normal eye look and it just takes the look to another level. Glitters have such tremendous power. Being an Instagram addict and going through a ton of various trendy looks, glitters just made it to the trend now. From Glitter Injections to OPV makeup to Dazzlize cosmetics, I’ve been dreaming of getting the glitter shadows and I’ve always wanted to touch it and play with them. But it takes sf money to buy each glitter, like literally they are damn expensive. While going through my Instagram feed one day I found an interesting page which is run by a young girl (obviously she should be a makeup enthusiast) where she makes pressed glitters. I was totally shocked to see like some Indian girl making Pressed Glitters. So I contacted her and immediately bought myself some of the pressed glitters from her to test out. And in this post I’ll talk about these TS Cosmetics Pressed Glitter Eye shadows. Continue reading