I dunno sometimes I’m totally out of words right at the intro itself, so this time let’s just directly jump into the topic. A few weeks back I bought a couple of NY Bae SkinFident serums which I accidentally stumbled upon while checking the Purplle website. So, many of you guys have asked to review it and I took about three weeks approx. to put out what I feel about them. I will be reviewing each of it separately, as I already said – mixing so many acids in skincare is not a good idea. So here’s the first one I tried- the Anti-Tan Glycolic Peel Face Serum.

The undying energy of The Big Apple, the vibrancy in the air and radiance that happy skin emits is what NY Bae Skinfident brings for you. Innovation champions bring the confident NY diva’s skin regime for you in the form of NY Bae SKINfident. Nothing you incorporate in your routine would feel more NY than NY Bae SKINfident Look as bright as a star with NY Bae SkinFIDENT Lit As Grand Central Terminal Serum with Glycolic Peel. The Glycolic Peel in help removes skin texture by reducing dark spots and tightening the skin. It rejuvenates skin cells and improves moisture retention for healthy looking skin.



  • Glycolic peels are chemical exfoliants that use Glycolic Acid.
  • Glycolic Acid to help the skin naturally promote its normal regenerative and restorative systems while removing dead, unnecessary skin that regular washing or moisturizing cannot reach.
  • As it removes debris from congested pores, this therapeutic peel also works to reduce cellular build-up, evening skin texture and tone and ensuring that the benefits it provides are able to be maintained over time.
  • Glycolic peels help the skin in achieving collagen synthesis as well, a process which ultimately leads to a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.
  • It is also formulated with antioxidants. Their presence helps the skin to strengthen capillaries, promote anti-inflammatory properties and naturally retain moisture better.
  • All of this combines to make it a truly comprehensive chemical exfoliant that can lead to improved skin.

IDEAL FOR, IF YOU’RE HAVING ISSUES WITH – Blackheads, Sun Burn, Uneven Skin Tone, Acne & Pimples, Scars, Clogged Pores, Signs Of Ageing, Skin Tan, Wrinkles

SUITS : All Skin Types

PRICE : INR 199/- for a 10ml product.

I’m writing the original price of this here, but Purplle always, always and always has sale going on so you can obviously get it for much lesser price.

AVAILABILITY : NY Bae SkinFident Face Serum – Anti Tan Glycolic Peel

KEY INGREDIENTS : Aqua, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lemon essential oil, Linalool

NY Bae, I really think you guys should list down all the things that go into the making rather just give the key ingredients list. That is a little disappointing.

Packaging, the NY Bae Skinfident face serum comes in a very chic outer carton box, I really like it. The NY city backdrop on the box is so amazing. The serum comes in a 10ml little frosted glass bottle, which also comes with a separate dropper in the box. All we’ve to do is unscrew the normal lid and screw in the dropper applicator for easy use. This is such a tiny bottle with little quantity just enough for a month’s use, if you use it regularly morning and evening.

HOW TO USE : Using clean hands, apply few drops of this serum onto your face & neck. Massage for upto 30-60 secs for it to absorb into the skin completely.

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, I’ve done a post of all the SkinFident serums that I bought and that I’d be trying them out one by one. And this Anti-Tan Glycolic Peel was the first one I choose to try out. It’s been more than two weeks that I’ve started using it in my morning and evening routines, all alone; I’ve completely stopped using my rest of the products. I really wanted is to see if this is any closer to the high-end brand’s quality.

This chemical exfoliator has a clear watery serum consistency with a pleasant citrus-y fragrance. For me, I require 5-6 drops for full face and neck application. I take it in my palm and then dab it to work on my skin. Being a watery serum, it is very light on the skin and absorbs very quickly leaving no tacky or greasy after-feel. This serum does have a mild citrus-y fragrance which subsides in few minutes of application.

For the actual part, did this really work? Umm.. I have to confess that YES, IT DOES WORK. I had no hopes using it but still with positive vibes I continued the use. I’m not blessed with beautiful skin, but over time I’ve developed enthusiasm in skincare, so I pretty much have little knowledge about what’s good and what’s not. I’ve a very normal kind of oily-combination skin with little less skin issues. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw the “glycolic peel’ was that I assumed it to be something like a 5 minute wash-off mask, but this turned out to be a normal serum. I should admit that this serum did help with the tan removal, or should I say it did brighten my skin. Of course I made sure I wear my SPF every single day while using skin acids. Every day I wake up with a soft, supple and radiant skin. My mum always complains about me getting super tanned because of the scorching summers, but this time I still didn’t hear any such from her and the summers are almost coming to an end now. She’s always conscious about my skin tone than me, lol. And for this weather, I’m good with light serums and stuff, so this serum alone is good enough for my skin. For the whole first week of using this serum, I felt my skin being even and bright without breaking me out. This chemical exfoliant was neither irritating nor tingling on the skin, which is kind of yay for sensitive skin people. And it was only in the second week, I observed a slight shrinkage in my pores size and I’m like OMG! this thing works. The hydration was okay for my combi skin in this fuming weather, I can wear this all alone and run. But during colder weathers I’ll need bunch of moisturizers to top it with. For dry skin people, the hydration level is very minimal. And yes, this is non-comedogenic, it does not clog pores. I haven’t had any acne or zits while I use this serum, so I cannot talk about that.

Overall, greatly impressed with this Anti-Tan Glycolic Peel serum by NY Bae. But I don’t think it is much potent compared to the high-end/other ones in the market, although I see it showing visible results very quickly. I wish NY Bae sold these in bigger sizes too, I may get my hands on this particular one soon again. Having traces of essential oils in them, I’d request people with sensitive skin to do patch test before direct application.

Did you try this new NY Bae Skinfident Anti-Tan Glycolic Peel Face Serum?? What do you think about this one? Lemme know….

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