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What to buy from Nykaa Pink Friday Sale 2021?

The biggest sale of the year is here! Nykaa Pink Friday Sale is just starting from Nov 24th – 28th and you can find your favorite products at amazing deals. So quickly check your bank accounts and get your wallets full, you’re definitely gonna end up with huge hauls; I promise. Here’s a simple post I thought to share with my little fam who wanna shop from the sale and who like to take my recommendations. I made it easy for you guys to shop quick and give my best suggestions about what to buy and what to leave.

But before even I give out my recommendations, I also wanted to warn you that be absolutely cautious in placing your orders. Always keep in mind these little precautions when adding products in your carts –



There’s not a single brush or a brush set that I hate from Real Techniques. I mean they always amaze me with their multi utility brushes. I literally wishlist every brush set from them but I know how hard it is for us Indians to get them. After a long wait, I recently could save up to get this beautiful yet so useful Everyday Essentials Brush Set from Real Techniques, which obviously is an set of everyday essential brushes which can be used in multiple ways accordingly. While I splurge on most affordable brushes in the market, this one’s something out of the box and for the love of Real Techniques. If you are someone looking for some good Real Techniques brushes or even a beginner looking for quality brushes, then you have to check these.


Homegrown Indian Beauty Brands!

2020 has really changed our lives, our lifestyles; most probably in the worst way I should quote it. Ever since we have been in this Covid situation and our dear Prime Minister addressed us people, to be more localized, use homegrown products, homegrown food and etc etc., we are standing for it. Thanks for everyone who has been #VocalForLocal and supporting our Indian made brands. This only helps in our economy growth as well. With the mainstream of the topic being about our Homegrown brands, today I wanted to list out some beauty brands which we few of them we already knew, but most of them being so unknown. So, let’s get this post on…..



Coastal Scents was one brand I’d always see people talk about and rave about their products. This was the best ever makeup brand that anyone could possibly start their makeup journey. Sadly, I could never get my hands on them. But, recently I had a shocker mail – asking for a Coastal Scents Collaboration by The Carro App. This was one of the best things that happened in 2019, and I immediately proceeded with it. Almost a month later, I received my package at my doorstep and yay! most excited.



Okay, I had to do this post. These beautiful eyeshadow palettes you see were sent to me by and OMG! don’t they look so pretty. The very first impression is that their packaging is so aesthetic and second, these are a definite dupes for the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes. It’s like two Obsessions palettes put together in one; like that’s a great idea though, I like these palettes a lot now.



Essence Cosmetics has some amazing products at really best affordable pricing. The sole reason I bought all random stuff from Essence is because they’re such budget-friendly, I have to admit it. And one of the bestsellers of Essence was their ombre blush, I always wanted one for myself and it was the Heat Wave shade I adored but it vain I never got it, so I thought I’ll get another shade. Here I am, with the Essence Blush Up! powder blush in Pinky Flow.



Let’s be really honest, I’m not a fan of Lakme lipsticks at all, until I found the 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipsticks. That was by far my first and best encounter from entire Lakme, beautiful shades with amazing formula. And after that, recently I found something interesting from Lakme again, the Matte Revolution Lip Color lipsticks from the Lakme Absolute range. Right from the launch I know I had to try these lipsticks, omg they were so tempting in fact. I waited for some time to check for some swatches from bigger influencers so that I invest in them because I kid you not, these are quite expensive ones for a drugstore brand like Lakme. Anyways in this post, I’ll talk about some of the shades I picked from the Lakme Absolute Matte Revolution Lip Color lipsticks.



Well, I’ll admit that it was Faces Canada’s lip crayons that I totally adored back then, and I dunno if any other brand had lip crayons (like the matte ones) two-three years back. Although they had very limited shades, they slowly started building up their game. If you haven’t checked that review, here it is – Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayons. And now after a long time, I think Faces is back again with another adorable launch, in fact a low-key launch I should say because hardly no one had a word that Faces launched them. And any new updates I always get through Nykaa, which happened to be like India’s Sephora! After a thorough research about the shades and the formula, I finally – finally ended up picking 4 shades from the Weightless Matte Finish Lipsticks. They also have the Creme Finish Lipsticks, which I wasn’t that much into, coz I love matte lippies. In this post, I’ll be talking about these lipsticks.



I have been accumulating Nicka K products for quite some time now, and I should admit that they have some great quality products which cater all skin types. I’ll try to review rest of the products that I bought out from Nicka K, but first lemme start off with these HD Concealers which at first shot looks like the LA Girl Pro HD Concealers; I’d agree on that but let’s also agree that that’s pretty much a decent kind of packaging and stuff for just $2.99 babe. And I’ll also admit that I hardly found any kind of complete swatch party of all the 16-17 shades of them; like why Nicka K? Anyways, I had to only get two shades from the entire range and probably hope to get few more later, but in this post I’ll be talking about these Nicka K HD Concealers.



It’s been quite some tie that Benefit Cosmetics has been in India, but the big news is that now the MINI’s have also just landed in the market! Yes, quite a good news to people who cannot afford the full sized products, the mini versions are a definite-buy. At least, I got my hands on few of them recently. Benefit Cosmetics is the most raved – absolutely raved for its amazing brow products and how could not get them when the little ones are here.


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